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Mac OS X's Automator: I learned it by watching you!

For example, if you have to execute the same mouse action over and over again, you can use software to record and playback mouse activity. It simply records and plays back a series of actions. For example, if you accidentally move a window a couple of pixels, the cursor might miss a button and cause the whole macro to fail.

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  • Record Mouse Clicks and Key Strokes with Mac Automation Tool;

For this reason, mouse recording is only particularly useful in niche circumstances, like repeating the same exact action many times without change. Every Mac contains a built-in software called Automator.

Download Macro Recorder for Mac

This application allows you to automate a set of basic actions on your Mac using a rudimentary, block-based programming language. You can use this as part of a larger Automator workflow or use it as a standalone action.


Workflows are triggered from within the Automator application and run while the application is open. You can also create applications that can be run outside of Automator for later use or Services that run from the context menu.

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  4. Click the Record button in the menu bar. Execute the actions you want to save as a macro.

    Mac OS X's Automator: I learned it by watching you!

    Any input you provide will be recorded. This includes mouse movement and keyboard actions.

    Before you start recording mouse activity, you should set a keyboard shortcut for beginning and ending recording. Use the start and stop keyboard shortcut to begin and end your mouse recording. Yes new features are being added continuously and the updated versions can be downloaded from the Download links mentioned above.

    How to Record and Play Back Mouse Activity in macOS

    In other words, you would need to open System Preferences, Navigate to Accessibility and then enable the option as displayed in the Screenshot. On Mac OS X In case you would like to have finer control over your script recordings, you can download another Mac Automation Tool which is a really sophisticated and advanced Macintosh Automation Tool. Do have a look at the Screenshot to the right of this paragraph or Download and give it a try on your own Mac. You can also navigate to the Mac Auto Mouse Click homepage to know more about it.

    It is also a Free to try Application and runs on Mac versions later than Yes there is feature description, step by step tutorial and also a video tutorial which should get you started within no time. With Macro Recorder you can record and play back recorded Keyboard and Mouse Actions in exactly same speed.