Relax, you’ll be getting your Gmail emails soon on Android and iOS

When you use IMAP mail on your Mac and, trust me, you should be using IMAP the default location for storing drafts, deleted messages, sent mail, and archives is on your mail server.

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Create a draft on your Mac and that draft will show up on all your other devices too. And that, my friends, is the beauty of IMAP. You will need to repeat this process for each of the Sent, Deleted, and Archived mailboxes on all of your iOS devices. You will also need to run through this process for all of your email accounts.

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But once you do, all of your devices will share the same mailboxes for all your mail. Check each device again for each email account and ensure each device is configured for IMAP for each email account.

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If all email senders are set to IMAP, and none to POP, then the remaining problem may simply be that you are not synchronizing often enough. How often you "check for messages" will also indicate how often the status of read-elsewhere and deleted-elsewhere messages are updated.

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Thank you both for you help with this. Do I need to delete the POP account? I found it harder to check the iPhone and I'm still not sure yet what connection types it is using. The check for new messages box is set to "automatically" on both Macs. Many thanks Bob and Grant, your advice has solved the problem and I'm delighted! As it happens I decided to delete the POP account because I'd also had a problem with duplicate emails and figured that was the likely cause.

I'm not sure how I ended up with 2 Mac accounts for the same Hotmail account but having deleted the POP one and done a quick test I can still use Hotmail and when I delete a message on the MacBook it also goes from the iMac. This will make it much easier for me to manage my inbox.

How to Sync Your Mac’s Sent Mail with the Server

Thanks again. Just had the same issue. Go into settings on your devices and under the iCloud option turn the mail option on.

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Then in mail on your macbook got mail — synchronise all accounts. Hope that helps.

How to Sync Your E-mails to Multiple Devices

If you want to carry around notes, to do lists etc. I use it all the time because no matter which device I have with me or around me, I can go into any browser and type notepad. When I get home, I just transfer the material to an appropriate document. I also keep my todo list and shopping lists right at the top.

It is SO frustrating to delete on my computer and have to do it again on my iPad. Look at the article on this site that talks about gmail settings and OS X and make sure you have it set up right. All the best. Very useful, one can look at month view and see a cursory schedule based on assigned icons for events. No day view required.

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Anyone find something like this for iPhone? When I use to have a palm years ago, there was one just as good made by Agendus. I need to un-complicate my mac life!!