15. MSI Interceptor DS B1

T series look beautiful. They are extremely customisable and come with custom weights and configurations. There has been a few complaints about overall comfort but if you have big hands it will feel great. The razor taipan mouse is one of the fastest mice on the market for macs. The dpi is insanely fast and you will find it hard to find another mouse with such high dpi.

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They are decently priced and feature great dpi settings and drivers. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. One of the easiest ways to save money is to buy wired. The other is to consider this Lenrue Laser Gaming Mouse, a sleek-looking and affordable accessory that features 6 programmable buttons, a high-precision metal base for durability, and a cycle of 4 colors.

For the price, this Lenrue mouse is quite impressive, with downloadable software that lets you adjust DPI up to 3,, program the buttons, and configure multiple profiles. An ergonomic design makes this gaming mouse comfortable, even over long periods of play. To cater to a wide range of players, there are 5 DPI levels, ranging from 1, to 7,, that are easily adjustable with the click of a button.

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Options are one of the biggest selling points of any gaming mouse. Designed with 8 adjustable weights, players can enjoy a comfortable experience no matter their preference. Though there are 8 buttons, none of them are customizable, but the Fire Key near the index finger adds a convenient way to access long press, double click, or triple click features. The design is simple and very similar to a standard mouse. Its contours are designed relatively the same, which lends to maximum comfort over long periods of play, but the mouse is lacking in additional buttons. There are only 2 programmable buttons, and the DPI settings are also very limited.

Six removable weights let you customize how heavy the mouse is while 10 buttons can be programmed with the included software. If not for complaints about flawed scroll wheels, confusing software, and the higher, but still inexpensive, price, the HYPERTRAK would easily be the best cheap gaming mouse on the market. PROS: — 7 buttons with 5 customizable options — Comfortable design with molded finger rests — No need for batteries — Built-in weight adds a hefty feel and controls stability — Maximum DPI of 5, The Zelotes optical gaming mouse is a versatile option that features a decent range of DPI options, starting with 1, and stopping at 5, For enhanced customization, the Zelotes features 2 programmable buttons of its total 7 buttons.

This affordable gaming mouse is made for comfort, but specifically for right-handed players. Grooves on the right side give your ring and pinky finger a place to rest, reducing fatigue over long periods of play.

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Sure, there are only 6 buttons and it may not have that shiny LED glow of other models on this list, but Logitech favored practicality over style. When shopping for a gaming mouse, accuracy and DPI are usually high on the must-have list. The G tops out at 6, DPI and is praised for its steady accuracy and smooth stability.

Your hand size is just a rough estimate of the maximum size you should look for in a mouse.

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However, just because a mouse is a right size does not make it ergonomic. Curves, unique thumb crevices and designs help give a gamer better feel of the device. As for left-handers, you have to look for a brand that provides the option of choosing between left and right handed devices or get a mouse that is symmetrical on either side.

There are three types of grips employed by players namely, claw grip, palm grip and full grip. When you arc your fingers and use just the fingertips on the right and left buttons, it is called claw grip. The palm grip is when you cradle the bulk of the mouse in your palm. Finally, a full grip involves a palm grip with flat fingers that encompasses the entire mouse. A player may prefer either of the three grip styles, but under different situations, he or she may opt for a new grip style.

Thus, it is vital to get a mouse that works equally well with all kinds of grips. Other companies stick with a basic style and hardly any ergonomic feature. They obviously cost less. As Mac gamers tend to prefer MMO and strategy games, a mouse with multiple buttons will help. Unlike a standard mouse with just two buttons, these gaming mice offer anywhere from 4 to 10 additional buttons.

Each button can store a single instruction or a combination of instructions such as keystrokes with time delay.

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  7. However, with more buttons comes a steeper learning curve. Lots of forums talk about mouse models for specific genres of gaming. However, for a Mac user, gaming is the second priority.

    In fact, designers and editors prefer using a Mac. For them, the buttons on a mouse do not make much difference as most developers are used to keyboard shortcuts. What matters is how well the mouse responds to movement and whether it accurately reflects onscreen. If you are a designer or a gamer who prefers using a Mac, opt for a mouse that provides higher polling rates. These devices can give you a high level of accuracy. Moreover, the higher polling rate protects against loss of data packets.

    Illumination is a fad among gamers, but at times we feel peripheral makers go a little too far. Yes, some amount of lighting in a peripheral is helpful especially with a keyboard as you can clearly see keys in the dark.

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    However, with a mouse full RGB light is not necessary. In fact, you can use the mouse in complete darkness thanks to the lack of additional buttons. RGB lighting controlled through software can cost even more. Professional gamers prefer a particular weight for their peripherals. A gaming mouse should either be weighted permanently or ideally use removable weights that allow the user to decide what they want. These removable weight canisters are a nice addition because they let you configure the weight based on the manner in which you game.

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    If you do not mind lesser-known brands, you can find a model or two for cheap that uses removable weight canisters. While laser sensors are highly accurate and offer greater DPI levels, optical sensors are more lenient and easier to use.

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    The latter is preferable with FPS gaming though Laser sensors work with any genre. The only gripe we have with laser sensors is that they are prone to jitters, especially with low-grade sensors. If you want a laser sensor mouse, check if it offers surface tuning, which allows you to calibrate the movement profile of a mouse differently on varying surfaces. As for folks with multi-monitor setup, a laser sensor with really high DPI is a must since you have a larger screen surface to cover than usual. We do not advise using a wireless mouse, however, in the case of Mac Gaming a wireless mouse should be okay.

    A wireless mouse will always experience a slight lag in transmitting parameters to the computer. A wireless mouse does not have wires that obstruct natural movement. Besides, a wireless mouse will always give you portability. If you purchase a mouse that uses a third party application for configuring buttons, macros, profiles, DPI or any other feature, ensure that the software works with a Mac.