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Posted 2 weeks ago — By Trevor Mogg. The social network announced in a blog post the removal of pages, groups, and accounts that originated in these countries. The FTC wants to know if Facebook tried to acquire its social media rivals before they would become a threat. News WhatsApp has million users in India, but no fix for its fake news problem WhatsApp is struggling to stem the tide of fake news in India, its biggest market. In the last few years, its platform has been inundated with an around-the-clock avalanche of misinformation -- misleading mobs into lynching innocents and….

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Social Media Quit hitting refresh: Twitter is testing a subscribe to tweet replies feature Soon you might be able to get a push notification when a tweet has been replied to as well. Twitter is currently testing a new feature that will allow users to turn on notifications for a particular thread. Posted 2 days ago — By Jon Martindale.

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News Facebook admits it was listening to your private conversations, too Facebook outsourced contractors to listen in on your audio messenger chats and transcribe them. Contractors were not told why they were listening in or why they were transcribing them.

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User accounts display in a left-hand toolbar as rounded avatars. Only one such account avatar is visible at a time, though. To see the others, click the active one, and the others pop into view. You can then switch to a different account. Below the active account avatar and only that avatar are controls for the usual actions — mentions, messages, likes, lists, and so on. Activity, such as a new mention or a message, causes a dot to show up next to the relevant control icon.

This is fine, but Twitter for Mac had a better approach. Its account avatars were visible at all times, with activity dots displayed alongside each for at-a-glance spotting at any time. Tweetbot offers a menu bar icon that changes color when new activity is detected and incorporates a pull-down menu to see which account has the activity, and what kind it is. Some simple actions in Tweetbot, such as retweeting and quoting, seem overly complex. You could then switch accounts in the window or not , type a comment or not , and then click to send.

The controls in TweetBot, by comparison, are more opaque. This approach works, but Tweetbot columns even at their narrowest take up more space than the TweetDeck equivalents.

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If cramming lots of columns onto your screen is a priority, stick with TweetDeck. Not every kind of content can be shown in a Tweetbot column, either. User streams? You can block by user, keyword, hashtag and even point of origin as in a particular Web site, Twitter client, or operating system. Tweetbot has a decent degree of customizability. Along with the standard text and avatar resizing, you can pin the timeline to the top as it streams, change the shape of avatars and banish those annoying verified badges , and more.

The app syncs with the iOS version via either Tweet Marker or iCloud, so it maintains your position in the timeline between platforms. To sum up, Tweetbot is a nicely executed Twitter client, but with a few annoying, if minor, omissions and needless complications. And for those who crave the best possible multi-column support, Tweetbot is probably not your answer. But it looks and feels like a true Mac app, unlike TweetDeck.

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Development continued into , alongside its iOS counterpart , then foundered. A rebuilt client emerged as a Kickstarter campaign about a year ago and has since shipped.

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When I first got my hands on the revamped Twitterrific, I saw great potential but chafed at its limitations and periodically pestered developer Ged Maheux to add features thanks for being patient with me, dude. The app has evolved nicely since then.

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Like Tweetbot, Twitterrific is a single-column app with clickable controls for navigation, but there are notable differences. Twitterrific positions its toolbar at the top of the window and not to one side, which gives tweets room to breathe. Likewise, account switching happens at the top, directly above the toolbar, via a pull-down menu. Click Accounts. Click Manage team. Click Authorize. You have now authorized your other account to tweet using your primary account. Click Settings. Click Log out.

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A confirmation will appear. You are now signed out of Tweetdeck.

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Log in as the user you just added. You should see a number in a circle over the icon, indicating that you have an invitation. Click Team invitations. Click Accept.

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The account is now added. Click New Tweet. Select the account you want to tweet from.

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