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Any suggestions or advice. BTW nice guide.

Macbook Pro TrackPad not clicking - Ask Different

Yes, you can remove the old screw and replace it with a new one but… I never do. I leave the old on in place and replace just the trackpad. Hey, i have a few questions. I really love my mac book pro 13 inch, it has all my music i use to DJing. The serial number on hardware just tells me 13 inch, mid Can you help?

Thank you. Thank you for the excellent article. Going to replace battery maybe the trackpad and save myself hundreds of dollars.

I stumbled across this post just today and after adjusting the screw found in step 2 above my trackpad works again!! Thank you so much. I just loosened the screw very slightly and it works like new again. For the battery I used a small flat head and it came out no problem. March 14 by Laurence Davis.

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Try using a single edge razor blade to go around the edges of the trackpad and see if that clears whatever is blocking the click. The razor worked a little and made it better, but taking a balled fist and hitting the trackpad with medium force did the trick.

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I have the exact same problem right now. It started yesterday. My trackpad works fine, and it registers all the movements and swipes of my hand, but only the mechanical click does not work. If i repeatedly press hard in the same place, it works. Unfortunately, I am told the problem can only be fixed with a replacement of the trackpad which is a bit expensive.

However, i am waiting it out just to see if it miraculously starts working :. Screen too while you're at it. This problem occurred for me as a consequence of replacement of the battery and top aluminum shell done by Apple service personnel. I shall try the recommended fixes, but there was no problem prior to taking it into Apple. Go figure. Show 1 more comment. This video shows you where the screw to adjust the sensitivity is found. Many people in the comments mention that slamming the trackpad not too roughly worked for them so I tried it, and my trackpad registers clicks much better now.

I literally almost died last week Friday when I tried doing some work at a coffee shop, the clicks would not register properly - I'm quite finicky about these sort of things and couldn't even do any work because I was so worried.

Also I only had my macbook Pro for 4 months, anyway - somehow your comment encouraged me to give my trackpad a good o'l f-u punch to the gut and it works as good as new. After frantically cleaning it with a soft cloth yielded no positive results.

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Anyway, I even created a profile just to thank you. And everyone else in this thread! The Internet is such an amazing tool, saving me petrol money, a fee at an Apple store and time. I'd buy you all a cold beer if I could haha. Had this problem with a MacBook Aluminium Unibody. Adjusting the screw works very well. Best is to turn the screw very little left or right while constantly clicking the trackpad.

There is a sweet spot and it gets worse if you turn it too much. BUT: if it's bad again after assembling the Macbook, then most likely the battery causing the problem: Older batteries gets slightly thicker and thereby pressing against the trackback from behind. In this case you need to replace the battery. A few swift wacks and it worked. I bought a new windows pc because I was! Couldn't bring myself to toss it.

I now really like windows 10 BTW. Now my daughter has a more expensive laptop than I do.

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Show 2 more comments. I'm so bummed by this it's beyond belief. I thought I'd have to replace the battery and the trackpad but now I don't have to replace neither. It took me an age to work out that it was the touch pad. I thought it was programmes looping. Been miserable for months without a solution until came across this article. If you are frustrated with the satellite television channels and cable Share Tweet.

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MacBook Trackpad Not Working – How To Fix It

This fix helped me, thank you very much. Macbook with non-removable battery: Jay. Bernard June 27,