A step-by-step manual for fixing the issues with Firefox on a Mac or a MacBook Pro

For this:. If something like this happens, switching to Chrome or Safari might be a good idea. Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular web browsers among Mac users. However, it may experience slow work and crashes due to a number of reasons.

9 Solutions to Fix Slow Firefox in Mac | ST Cleaner - Company News and Help Articles

To avoid any software-related trouble, Mac users should use the latest versions of macOS and Firefox. Getting rid of useless browsing data as well as cleaning Mac on a regular basis will prevent software malfunction. Using inbuilt macOS Sierra utilities or special third-party applications for Mac cleaning and maintenance will enhance overall system performance and prevent Firefox freeze-ups. Firefox Slow on Mac?

Keeping too many Firefox windows and tabs open at the same time. The current Firefox and macOS versions need updating.

12 Ways to Speed up Firefox Quantum (2019)

Piled up browsing histories, caches, and downloads. Slow Mac performance is leading to Firefox malfunctions. How to Use Firefox Performance Settings? Content process limit In the latest versions of Firefox, the multiple content processes feature runs web content separately from the main process for all tabs.

Force-quit Firefox if it becomes unresponsive In case your Mac machine freezes up and becomes unresponsive, a hard reboot may be the only way to deal with the issue. Mark all checkboxes next to the available options. Access Mozilla Firefox main menu. If you open too many new tabs while a Firefox download is in progress, you will notice a decrease in download speed.

2. Firefox Uses Too Much CPU or RAM

The speed of your Internet connection also plays a role -- slower connections will see a more dramatic decrease in download speed when you open too many tabs. Once the contents of the tabs you have opened has loaded, your Firefox download speed should return to normal. File-hosting services sometimes throttle the speed at which you can download from them to prevent abuse. This decrease in download speed can occur after you have reached a certain daily limit, or it might be imposed from the start unless you buy a premium account.

If you find that your downloads are suddenly slower while using Firefox and making use of a file hosting service, you might have reached your download limit. Check the speed of your Internet connection or download a file from a different site to make sure that it is the file hosting site that is causing the slowdown.

Your operating system, as well as software that is installed sometimes downloads updates in the background. These downloads are used to automatically update the software in order to add new functions or to fix security vulnerabilities. Since these updates use bandwidth to download, they can suddenly decrease the speed of your Firefox downloads.

Firefox Running Slow on Mac? How to Make It Work Fast Again

Check that no updates are running in the background or schedule them for a time when you know you will not be busy downloading through Firefox to prevent interference. If your computer security software is disabled or your Firefox browser is not updated to the latest version, you run the risk of a malware infection. When this happens, the overall browser speed -- including downloads -- can become noticeable slower. Firefox automatically downloads new updates, but it requires a restart to install them.

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Follow the steps from Identify problematic Firefox add-ons. The first step is to open a new tab and try other sites. In Clean up Firefox and your MacOS we covered how to clear your cache and once again it could be the solution to your Firefox problem.

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  • Also, this time we suggest also cleaning Cookies, whether using the manual methods or the easier CleanMyMac methods. Now you can personally decide exactly what Firefox remembers. There you have it. Your Firefox should now be jumping, skipping, spinning…okay, I honestly have no idea what foxes do. But I do know that by using the manual solutions and quick fixes from CleanMyMac X, your Firefox browser should be stable and performing better than ever.

    To keep it that way, bookmark this page for reference and be sure to follow best practices like clearing cache, closing unneeded tabs, and checking for updates. How To. Blog How To News. Hit Return or Enter to search. How to Fix Firefox Problems on Mac. Darina Stavniychuk.

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