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Because templates provide the starting-point for so many documents, accessibility is critical. If you are unsure whether a template is accessible, you should check a sample document produced when the template is used see Technique 11, below.

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If you are connected to the internet, you can access a variety of blank business presentation templates through Office. These are all accessible by virtue of being blank. It is possible to create your own accessible templates from scratch in PowerPoint for Mac. As well, you can edit and modify the existing prepackaged templates, ensuring their accessibility as you do so and saving them as a new template. Note: Only use these steps if you have an accessible template available e. Otherwise, simply open a new blank document.

In order for assistive technologies e. If a different natural language is used for a paragraph or selected text, this also needs to be clearly indicated. Instead of creating each slide in your presentation by starting from a blank slide, check whether there is a suitable built-in layout. Note: The built-in layouts can be more accessible to users of assistive technologies because these technologies sometimes read the floating items on the slide in the order that they were placed on the slide.

The built-in layouts have usually taken this into account e. If you create slide layouts from scratch, it is sometimes difficult to keep track of the order elements were placed. Every slide layout in a presentation is defined by its master slide. A master slide determines the formatting style for various elements of the slide layout. This includes font styles, character formatting, and the positioning of elements.

Essentially, each master slide acts as a design template for the slide layout. If you edit any aspect of the slide layout in the master slide, the change will affect all slides that were created based on it. For this reason, it is good practice to edit the master slide and use the slide layouts before building individual slides. It is essential that you create and use master slides that meet the accessibility requirements outlined in this document.

Many presentation applications create content composed almost exclusively of "floating" objects. This means that they avoid the transitions between in-line content and secondary "floating" objects text boxes, images, etc. However, when you are working with "floating" objects, it is important to remember that the way objects are positioned in two dimensions on the screen may be completely different from how the objects will be read by a screen reader or navigated using a keyboard.

The order that content is navigated sequentially is called the "Tab Order" because often the "Tab" key is used to navigate from one "floating" object to the next. A useful aspect of presentation applications is the facility to add notes to slides, which can then be read by assistive technologies. You can use these slide notes to explain and expand on the contents of your slides in text format.

Powerpoint : Line Spacing and Indentation

Slide notes can be created as you build your presentation. When using images or other graphical objects, such as charts and graphs, it is important to ensure that the information you intend to convey by the image is also conveyed to people who cannot see the image. This can be accomplished by adding concise alternative text to of each image. If an image is too complicated to concisely describe in the alternative text alone artwork, flowcharts, etc. Alternatively, you can include the same information conveyed by the image within the body of the document, providing the images as an alternate to the text.

In that case, you do not have to provide alternate text within the image. At this time, PowerPoint for Mac does not offer the functionality of adding alternative text to images or graphical objects. When using tables, it is important to ensure that they are clear and appropriately structured.

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This helps all users to better understand the information in the table and allows assistive technologies e. Otherwise, assistive technologies will interpret your list as a series of short separate paragraphs instead of a coherent list of related items. At this time, it is not possible to modify pre-formatted list styles or to create your own list styles. Use Columns feature for placing text in columns.

However, because columns can be a challenge for users of some assistive technologies, consider whether a column layout is really necessary. In case the document is ever converted into HTML, it should be given a descriptive and meaningful title. Charts can be used to make data more understandable for some audiences. However, it is important to ensure that your chart is as accessible as possible to all members of your audience.

All basic accessibility considerations that are applied to the rest of your document must also be applied to your charts and the elements within your charts. For example, use shape and color, rather than color alone, to convey information. As well, some further steps should be taken to ensure that the contents are your chart are appropriate labeled to give users reference points that will help them to correctly interpret the information.

Change text alignment, indentation, and spacing in PowerPoint for Mac - PowerPoint for Mac

Office applications do typically include accessibility features such as the ability to magnify documents and support for high contrast modes. However, because printing is an important aspect of many workflows and changing font sizes directly will change documents details such the pagination, the layout of tables, etc.

The visual presentation of text and images of text should have a contrast ration of at least 4. To help you determine the contrast, here are some examples on a white background:. Also, always use a single solid color for a text background rather than a pattern.

In order to determine whether the colors in your document have sufficient contrast, you can consult an online contrast checker, such as:. Plagiarism will be detected by Copyscape. All rights reserved. There are two ways to solve this issue -- and the way you choose depends upon how much control you want: Control Autofit Options Globally -- works on the computer where you make this change.

Control Autofit Options for a particular Text Box or Placeholder -- works only on the particular text box or placeholder you select. Not only will working with individual text placeholders be monotonous, but also you will lose the consistent look of successive slides. Therefore, make these changes for text placeholders within the Slide Master. Select the AutoCorrect option highlighted in red within Figure 2 which includes two tabs.

You may find the check-boxes associated with these options checked or unchecked, although we believe they are all checked by default. Check or un-check these check-boxes as per the requirement: Automatic Bulleted and Numbered Lists: Automatically creates bulleted or numbered list as the text is typed -- this option works mainly with text boxes rather than text placeholders because the latter almost always already include bullets. In the text boxes, you can: Type "1.

The moment you hit Return key to create a new line, PowerPoint automatically creates a numbered list. Type "- " -- that is a hyphen followed by a space, and then start typing. The moment you hit Return key to create a new line, PowerPoint automatically creates a bulleted list. Changing spacing and indents 9m 26s. Aligning text 4m 45s. Bullets and numbering 10m 18s. Working in Outline mode 3m 52s. Using Find and Replace 6m 28s. Proofing Content.

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  • Checking spelling 6m 16s. Finding synonyms 4m 59s. Other reference tools 7m 2s. Other document proofing options 9m 46s.

    Current Document Line Spacing

    Working with Pictures and Multimedia. Inserting pictures and clip art 8m 44s. Modifying pictures 14m 18s. Drawing objects 12m 52s. Using SmartArt 13m 28s. Using WordArt 8m 40s. Using sound 9m 34s. Using video 7m 11s. Working with Tables and Charts. Inserting tables 8m 40s. Editing and formatting tables 8m 48s.

    Inserting charts 12m 12s. Editing charts and data 13m 31s. Animating Presentations. Arranging and grouping objects 7m 14s. Animating objects 12m 4s. Using slide transitions 5m 50s. Viewing Presentations. Starting and navigating presentations 6m 50s. Pointer options 6m 8s.

    Change line spacing in Word 2008

    Using presenter tools with two screens 5m 24s. Creating self-running slideshows 5m 44s. Sharing Presentations. Using comments 6m 42s. Sending slideshows to iPhoto 5m 35s. Creating PowerPoint pictures 3m 5s. Creating PowerPoint movies 4m 56s. Creating web presentations 6m 58s. Creating custom slideshows 4m 56s.

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