ImTOO iPod Computer Transfer 5.7.21 Build 20171222

It's let down by its interface and problems handling more advanced uses like computers with multiple iTunes libraries. ImToo's iPod Computer Transfer is fast and can move both iBooks files and ringtones, but it doesn't transfer ratings or play counts. With many other programs offering included iPad support, that extra cost is tough to take.


Xilisoft's iPod Rip is another program that doesn't include iPad support, and can't move iBooks, song ratings, and play counts. It does, however, transfer songs, album art, voice memos—and does so reasonably quickly. TuneAid is a pretty bare-bones program: it moves your iPod's music and doesn't do anything else.

It's reasonably speedy and easy to use, but with so few other features, it's hard to recommend it. Pod to Mac is blazingly fast and can move album art , song ratings , ringtones, and photos.

How to Uninstall ImTOO iPod Computer Transfer for Mac Completley?

It has an easy to handle interface, too. So why doesn't it rate higher? We encountered crashes during transfers, had buggy transfers of types of data, and it can't move iBooks. The PC sibling of Pod to Mac has some of the same problems, but not as many strengths.

Top 12 iPod Transfers - Pod to iTunes or Computer

While it can move music, play counts, ratings, and album art, it crashes too often, has a less clear interface, and is slow. ICopyExpert isn't a bad program, but it's slower than most and can't move files other than music and video stored in the iPod's library. If it could add some additional functionality or improve transfer speed, it would likely be ranked higher. Media Widget is another program that suffers from both slow speed and a lack of features.

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While it moves music and playcounts, ratings, and album art , it can't move other kinds of files, and transferring just 2. IPod PC Transfer has a few weird quirks not encountered in any of the other programs. For one, it doesn't transfer to the iTunes folder by default.

How to Transfer the Music on Your iPod to a Computer

Second, and more importantly, it seems to make two copies of every file it transfers, making your transfer take up twice as much room as it should. Inexplicable choices in functionality, those.

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It can't move many aspects of an iTunes library podcasts, movies, etc. Still, that's not really what it's designed for; if you want to share just a few songs with friends, though, it's a simple, powerful, cheap program that's definitely worth a look. While Bigasoft iPod Transfer is amazingly fast, it's not really an iPod transfer program as much as it is a tool to simply move files from one place to another. As a result, it doesn't move ratings, play counts, iBooks files, photos, or ringtones.

Transfer between iPod and iTunes/Computer

Speed doesn't make up for so many missing features. It is possible to preview songs and videos within the main application window, capture frames, copy items to the computer or iTunes directly, add files and folders to the device, as well as give ratings, apply artwork, modify information e. In addition, you can create playlists, transfer voice memos, add photos to albums, copy ringtones and contacts, export messages to HTML or TXT format, manage apps, as well as create notes.

A search function is provided for each area of the program. As far as settings are concerned, you can modify the default snapshot folder and format JPG, PNG, BMP , configure power management options, enable automatic photo rotation while adding or exporting, as well as use proxies. Options can be restored to their default parameters. The application offers multilingual support and offers two skins.