Installing Python 3.X – Mac OS X

The many editions of this IDE are capable of creating all types of programs ranging from web applications to mobile apps to video games.

ZeroBrane Studio - Lua IDE/editor/debugger for Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux

This series of software includes tons of tools for compatibility testing so that you can see how your apps run on more than devices and browsers. Thanks to its flexibility, Visual Studio is a great tool for both students and professionals. Languages Supported: ASP. Drawbacks: Because the Visual Studio is a heavyweight IDE, it takes considerable resources to open and run, so making simple edits may be time consuming on some devices.

For simpler task, it may be easier to use a lightweight editor. Netbeans is a free and open source IDE. Ideal for editing existing projects or starting from scratch, NetBeans boasts a simple drag-and-drop interface that comes with a myriad of convenient project templates. It is primarily used to develop Java applications, but you can download bundles that support other languages. Drawbacks: This free IDE consumes a lot of memory, so it may perform sluggishly on some machines. PyCharm also supports other languages and works on multiple platforms, so practically anyone can use it.

Drawbacks: Users complain that PyCharm has some bugs, such as the autocomplete feature occasionally not working, which can be a minor inconvenience. When it comes to cost, IntelliJ is a real deal due to the massive of list of features you get. Drawbacks: This IDE comes with a learning curve, so it may not the best for beginners. There are many shortcuts to remember, and some users complain about the clunky UI. Eclipse is a free and flexible open source editor useful for beginners and pros alike. Originally a Java environment, Eclipse now has a wide range of capabilities thanks to a large number of plug-ins and extensions.

The Eclipse Marketplace Client gives users access to a treasure trove of plugins and information supplied by an expanding community of developers. Drawbacks: While Eclipse is very versatile software, the many options may be intimidating to newcomers. Code::Blocks is another popular free and open source option. It is a highly customizable IDE that performs consistently across all platforms, so it is great for developers who frequently switch between workspaces.

The plug-in framework lets users tweak this IDE to meet their needs. It is a great tool for beginners, but advanced coders may be frustrated with the limitations. Perhaps the most powerful of the open source IDEs, Aptana Studio 3 is a massive improvement over its predecessors. Since Aptana Studio 3 supports most browser specs, compatibility challenges are minimal, so users can quickly develop, test and deploy web apps from this single IDE.

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Very nice and clean interface. Nowadays most editors from vim upwards can be used, there are multiple good alternatives, and even IDEs that started as C or Java tools work pretty well with Python and other dynamic languages. The one license follows you to any platform. Komodo is well-integrated with popular ActiveState builds of the languages themselves esp.

It is a little weak when it comes to pre-integrated refactoring and code-check tools e. Some of the things I like about Komodo go beyond the write-run-debug loop. ActiveState has long supported the development community e. The base Komodo Edit editor is free and open source, an extension of Mozilla's Firefox technologies.

And Komodo is multi-lingual. I never end up doing just Python, just Perl, or just whatever. Others can do that too, but Komodo puts them all in once place, ready to go. It's a Swiss Army Knife for dynamic languages. This is contra PyCharm, e.

Feature highlights

But I am regularly delighted to use it, and every year I re-up my support subscription quite happily. Indeed, I just remembered! That's coming up this month. Credit card: Out. I have no commercial connection to ActiveState--just a happy customer. You might want to look into Eclim , an Eclipse server that allows you to use Eclipse functionality from within your favorite text editor. I've been using an Evaluation copy of Sublime Text. What's good is it doesn't really expire. I may be a little late for this, but I would recommend Aptana Studio 3.

Its a based on eclipse and has everything ready-to-go for python. For me its a perfect web-development tool. It my all-in-one solution. EDIT: Apparently Chocolat was an interesting option in but since then many others came up and development stalled. Learn more about Teams. Asked 10 years, 2 months ago. Active 1 year, 4 months ago. Viewed k times. What IDE should I use? Dave Hillier Chris R Chris R 8, 22 22 gold badges 91 91 silver badges bronze badges. It's pretty good--and free. Why no vim? But i havent tried it. I am just starting to find some good python IDE on Mac.

Tim Tim 1, 2 2 gold badges 13 13 silver badges 12 12 bronze badges. JetBrains is good, pycharm also. And anyway, who needs a full featured IDE to dev in Python? ANd if you want advanced feature, you still can avoid IDE by using a advanced text editor such as textmate or sublime text.

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But anyway, I coded Python without on the fly syntax checking for years, and while I do use it now, I can confirm it's not a handicap as it would be in C or in Java. The drawback with textmate is that you can't easily display two files within the same project at the same time. Textmate - costs money, people love this program, but I haven't used it enough to see what all the fuss is about. Jedit - Java based text editor, has some nice features, but the startup time isn't great due to Java.

CarbonEmacs - Decent Emacs port. AquaEmacs - Better Emacs port. BBEdit - The old guard. The defacto editor before Textmate stole its limelight. Smultron - Very nice editor, the UI is similar to Textmate. Idle - Python's own little editor, has some nice features, but also some major problems.

Eclipse IDE

I've personally found it too unstable for my usage. Sublime Text - This is really sweet text editor that has some surprisingly good Python support. Thanks for the link to TextWrangler, exactly what I was looking for.

How to Install PyCharm Python IDE on Mac (Community Edition)

As a note: PyDev chokes on Celery, so be wary. PLease suggest with proper link. Thanks buddy Jason Baker Jason Baker k gold badges silver badges bronze badges.

Lott May 21 '09 at Alex Martelli Alex Martelli k gold badges silver badges bronze badges. Dallas Dallas 2 2 gold badges 6 6 silver badges 21 21 bronze badges. Eclipse PyDev plugin.