PowerPoint 2013 For Dummies
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In order to add one picture to all slides, use Slide Master. Another way of adding a watermark is to add a background image if you want to add a big watermark. Right click anywhere on an empty slide area in a Slide Master view and select Format Background. The rest of this procedure is the same as of the above tutorial.

Watermark in PowerPoint 2013

It will add an image that will fill the entire slide area. Create online courses and assessments in record time. Now thanks to either Powerpoint, or these instructions, I get to start completely over and the presentation that I had worked so hard on, and was proud of, is now lost forever — great idea — vanished.

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I have a select set of choice words, as more colorful that my Powerpoint presentation, that I would love to share directed at whoever authored this website page, but there is no point. I do not know if this is some sick joke on the part of Microsoft, or incompetent instructions on this page, but I am extremely-upset, and I hope you know it and never forget it. I worked extremely hard, and this set of bogus instructions wiped out all the hard work that I did today. Thank you for nothing and for destroying everything that I was working on.

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Use PowerPoint's built-in background remover

Watermark in PowerPoint Open your presentation that you want to add a watermark to. Then select a rectangular form. For your convenience, you can download the demonstration presentation. This article assumes you have basic PowerPoint skills. You can think of these three layers as a stack.

The bleed-through layer is on the bottom, the contrast layer is in the middle, and the text layer is on the top. We'll begin with a simple example. The slide in Figure A has a one-word title in a striped font. However, it's not a striped font—that's a patterned background in a layer underneath the text. The striped background is the slide's background, the bleed-through layer. You'll begin with a blank slide and format its background.

If the Format Background pane isn't visible to the right, right-click the slide and choose Format Background. The striped pattern is the bleed-through layer on the bottom. Now, let's create the contrast layer:. You now have two layers; the bleed-through layer is under the contrast layer, but you can't see it. Now you're ready to add the text layer.

In this case, add a text box and enter the word RED. Select the text and change the font to Arial Black and the size to Now comes the magic!

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  5. You still can't see the bleed-through layer, and that's what we're about to change. With the text box still selected, hold down the Ctrl key and click the contrast layer, the blue rectangle. You'll know you've selected them both when PowerPoint displays selection handles around the perimeter of both, as shown in Figure C.

    It's not an intuitive process, but it is simple. Keep the three layers in mind while you explore the technique. You can change the transparency setting for the contrast layer to allow the bleed-through layer a little more exposure. You can change the shape and color of the contrast layer. This middle layer is the one that gives you some flexibility to produce the results you want, and that's where we're headed next.

    Make the background of an image transparent in under two minutes on a Mac

    Our first slide is effective and simple. This next section will demonstrate how you can adjust this technique by changing the size and transparency settings of the contrast layer. Figure E shows the same three layers. By changing only a few settings, each is unique and easily achieved. It's okay if you don't care for them—I find all three a bit too busy.

    powerpoint - PPT to PNG with transparent background - Stack Overflow

    This is where the three slides part ways. Although you can sense a pattern beneath, you can't see what it is—it creates a bit of mystery. The picture in the bleed-through layer is visible only through the text. The middle slide is my favorite.

    Remove Background from Pictures in PowerPoint 2011 for Mac

    By changing the contrast's layers size, color, and transparency setting, I created three very different slides using the same picture and text. Although interesting, the text is a little difficult to read, unlike the first slide where the text is distinct. I did this on purpose so you can see what might happen.

    In this case, you might decide that reduced readability is Okay—or not. Transparent text creates an interesting effect that you can apply to create a bit of visual interest to what otherwise, might be a ordinary boring slide. You can, however, spice things up even more—all it requires is a little imagination on your part. Figure F shows a fun slide.