Step 2: Safe Boot

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Guides Start Here! What's new. Latest activity. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter inactive-user Start date Aug 5, On ML Blue Screen. Anything else is working fine and stable.

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Hardware that is driven beyond its design specifications - by overclocking - can malfunction in unpredictable ways. If there is any doubt, open up the side of the PC case be mindful of any relevant warranty conditions! That will rule out most lack of cooling issues. It is good practice to run the latest drivers anyway. Their website should provide detailed instructions as to the brand and model-specific procedure. At the time of writing, Windows 7 is not known to suffer from any such defects, but it is nevertheless important to always keep Windows itself updated. Should that fail to mitigate the 0x problem, jump to the next steps.

The Windows Blue Screen of Death Makes a Hilarious iPad Lock Screen

If you run the "vanilla" installation long enough to convince yourself that not a single 0x crash has occurred, start installing updates and applications slowly, always pausing between successive additions long enough to get a feel for whether the machine is still free from 0x crashes. Should the crashing resume, obviously the very last software addition s may be somehow linked to the root cause.

If stop 0x errors persist despite the steps above, and the hardware is under warranty, consider returning it and requesting a replacement which does not suffer periodic MCE events.

Be aware that attempting the subsequent hardware troubleshooting steps may, in some cases, void your warranty: 8 Clean and carefully remove any dust from the inside of the machine. Reseat all connectors and memory modules. Obviously, this type of testing is a lot easier if you've got access to equivalent components in order to perform swaps.

Blue Screen of Death on a Mac?

Should you find yourself in the situation of having performed all of the steps above without a resolution of the symptom, unfortunately the most likely reason is because the error message is literally correct - something is fundamentally wrong with the machine's hardware. Almost convincing.

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Apart then from the font. With the number of Mountain Lion and xcode crashes, freeze and slowness, I think Mac users should be conservative on their comments about all other OSs. At least the BSOD gives some useful information about the exception.

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The grey screen of death is far more obnoxious commanding you to power off the machine without any rhyme or reason, but in 5 randomly selected languages. Name required.

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