Here were the screens I stepped through:.

Once done, you can launch Qt Creator:. You should check that it correctly set up at an auto-detected kit with the compiler, Qt version, and debugger:.

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This is a good time to create some sample projects to test your installation. Testing both widget and QML-based projects is recommended. You are now ready for Qt software development on macOS. Assumptions and Prerequisites For this example we'll install Qt 5. Once it has downloaded, open the dmg file: From the Qt Installer, follow the wizard screens in the same fashion as on Windows and Linux.

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In linux even if Qt Creator is available in the official repositories for your distributions, it's recommended to install qtcreator from their webpage instead. The one that comes with the distribution at least in ubuntu might be outdated and installing the one from the webpage you'll get support for the clang plugin which analizes the code while you type marking any errors more accurately than the default qtcreator static analizer.

First of all you'll need to install msys2. Follow the instructions in the setup guide for msys2. Go back to the msys2 install guide and follow the steps to fix that.

Once the Kit has been properly configured you can install the Qt Creator plugin for openFrameworks that comes with the OF download. There' to ways to do it:. If you can't change it from there, press manage or go to the Compilers tab and check that clang is available.

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  • You might need to add a custom config to be able to enable clang instead of GCC. Optionally you can enabled the Clang static analizer which is more accurate finding errors in the code while you type but it's also sometimes slower.