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First things first — get your idea recorded. Touching the tape recorder button in the control bar transports you to your new recording studio. This is where the magic happens. The recorder offers 8 available tracks for simultaneous multi-track recording and a bounce feature for freeing up tracks as you need them.

Samsung Voice Recorder

Grab your mic and go! The recorder section gives you everything you need for professional audio production. Want to add some polish and sparkle to your mix? The Master Effects section has been designed to give you everything you need to add that extra punch to your finished works.

This section is accessed by touching the "Mast FX" button, or swiping the Track controls to the left. There you'll find the Send 1 and Send 2 effects processors. Each of these allows you to choose from 3 levels of Reverb, 2 levels of Chorus and 3 levels of Delay. You can also control just how much of the effect shows up in the mix by using the Input, Mix and Output knobs. Finally, what would a master effects section be without an equalizer? VocaLive gives you a 3-band parametric EQ that's been specially made to help you bring out the sweetness of your overall mix. Take that, run it through the included compressor for tightness and gain control, and you'll have a finished product that's ready to be shared and sold to your fans.

VocaLive also has a powerful and intuitive editing tool, the Studio. The Studio brings precise waveform editing and audio region manipulation to the mobile world. It's an easy, visual way of arranging while on the go that's remeniscent of some of the most powerful desktop music creation tools. It provides access to a range of features that have been designed to help you achieve sonic perfection.

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Using it is easy, it's split in two display regions on the screen: The Track Control section is on the left and the waveform timeline grid is on the right. With both in front of you, you also have access to the full signal chain plus effects, recording tools, mixing functions and more. The Track Control section houses the controls you need to adjust and tweak the sound on individual tracks. Touch any waveform display on the right — or empty space or track number — to access the individual controls for that track on the left.

Knowing where you are at any given time is simple: The number in the upper left hand corner indicates the currently selected track. In addition, we've also included a Track EQ section below the Master button that let lets you fine-tune the EQ on each individual track, just like on a professional mixing console.

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In addition to these crucial features, you also get a level meter, a peak light, a quick FX Edit button, pan control and a console-style fader for fine volume adjustment on each track. At the core of the studio module is the waveform display section. This is where most of your audio editing will be done. From this section, you can select audio material by touching on the waveform display.

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This then lets you perform multiple types of edits with ease: cut, copy, copy track, paste, delete region, delete track, normalize volume or split at playhead. Tap the waveform you want to edit to gain access to the full range of editing commands.

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These functions provide all the basic tools you need for working with audio regions. Denunciar post. Postado 9 de janeiro.

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Requirements: Compatible with Mac. Requires Mac OS 7. Internet connection required.