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I still have the old Mac Spotify did work well for the last couple weeks but about two weeks ago I coudn't start the program anymore. It's pretty enjoying as I listen to spotify during work. Now I have no music.. Can u please tell me what to do. I tried everyting..

Spotify discontinued for PPC :(

It says I have to get the flash player which I did but I cant get any step further. There is a forum member, fgmart, who has helped a number of people get going again on OS X Here's a link to his instructions which may help you sort things out. In addition to fgmart's help, another use, mvelinder, has also been really helpful.

You can see his instructions here.

Spotify will not open on my macbook - Apple Community

It's a major hassle. Spotify is at least partially aware of how much pain they have caused their OS X Download Links Official Link. Local Mirror. Download Links Mirror Leopard 2. Mirror Tiger 1. Mirror Panther 0. Download Links Official Leopard 1. Official Tiger 1. Mirror Leopard 1. Download Links Official Leopard 3. Official Tiger 3.

Installing Mac OS X 10.5 on a PowerBook G4

Mirror Leopard 3. Mirror Tiger 3. Official PPC G4 1. Mirror PPC G5 2. Mirror PPC G4 1. Download Links Official Cocoa 7. Official Carbon 6. Mirror Cocoa 7. Mirror Carbon 6. Utilities File Juicer 4. Download Links Official Link 6. Local Mirror 6. Historical Important: These programs no longer work because their servers have been shut down. They are included for historical and completeness purposes. You cannot use these to sign in, sorry! Microsoft Messenger for Mac 7. Download Links Local Mirror Great blog offering even more PowerPC compatible software.

Flash Player The Adobe Flash Player is software for viewing multimedia, Rich Internet Applications and streaming video and audio, on a computer web browser or on supported mobile devices. Firefox empowers you to accomplish your online activities faster, more safely and efficiently than any other browser, period.

Built with Tab browsing, popup blocking and a number of other seamless innovations, Firefox stands out ahead. Software made to make email easier. Type your search here:. Downloads Magazine Windows Files. Djay for Mac Latest version 4. Whether you are a professional DJ or an amateur, Djay for Mac is the right tool for you.

Djay for Mac transforms your device into a full based DJ platform that allows you to enjoy your music. Djay has full integration with the music apps on Mac which includes iTunes and Spotify.

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This makes it very easy and fun to use. You can explore the world of music with this great app. The developers of the app made sure the app is attractive to expert users with its advanced features while it still looks appealing to beginners with a very clear and intuitive user and graphical interface. The app comes with some professional grade features that an experienced DJ will be able to optimize fully.

Spotify discontinued for PPC :(

There is the BMP Sync feature that will help beginners to effortlessly match and mix two tracks together to produce an amazing sound. Djay for Mac is a great tool to use.

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Djay for Mac is an excellent app for all your music mixing activities. It has a professional but still very clear interface that makes it usable for all Mac users.

With standard grade tools that give professionals a platform to mix their songs.