There are now two optical drive bays in the system as you can see by this comparison shot: Click to Enlarge You get twice as many peripheral ports on the front with two USB 2.

PowerMac G5 Rear Panel. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. I just got a the two 2. Plus it is a lot quiter than the quad g5 that I had and basically blew up becuase it couldn't take my working with it. These second generation MacPros are a great investment just make sure you get the 3 year Apple Care warranty - Just in case Reply. Privacy Policy. Causing the box to run hotter? I don't no anything on the subject.

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Please correct me if I'm wrong P. Apple case looks better to me. It look like they kinda seal off the psu, so It wont run hotter. Must learn to read! The PS fan should generate sufficient airflow to make radiation of heat from the PS into the rest of the system a negligible effect at best. Yes, the Apple case does look better to me, too Thats a Mac and secondly its one ugly fuckin case. Apples case designs blow just as much as a Mac does.

Those wheels have to go though, look like the came off a vacuum cleaner. Ugly comes to mind.

You Could Either Throw Out Old Apple Power Mac G5 Cases, Or Turn Them Into These

Having see through mess is not exactly the way to make a clean artsy looking case. If they fixed that, or died it black to hide it some, it might be better. I'd never buy one though, that front mesh is just waiting to attract dust and whatnot and make the whole thing look really nasty. I guess the Mac has the same issue, if it's not just texture on it.

It looks like you're fucked if you want to use a mm psu or even a dual fan psu as there is no way to get air with the bottom and top solid metal. Dremel time To me it looks like they are getting ready for BTX and are building a main internal chasis that will migrate with ease to the BTX standard.

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Oh and it is somewhat ugly, wtf is up with those wheels? I like the shape However they destroy hardcore with their speaker grill looking fan things. I've been thinking about getting one and overlaying a sheet of metal on the front -- stealth the entire front -- but that is too much work for me at the moment. I want someone to produce something more elegant.

I've been futzing with designs for a while not that I've done many but just moving ideas in my head.

Apple Power Macintosh G5: flame on

Some recent developments have put some incentive before me, but I don't know how profitable a computer case can be. Well, at least it's a non-slip case. P0: Is that case slanted, or just rendered with a whacked angle? I firmly believe that any shining metal on a case will stay clean for mere fractions of seconds before being smudged by fingerprints and whatnot. I didn't have a good brushed steel texture readily available, yeah it's rendered at a weird angle..

I was originally thinking about making them rubber plugs that you could take out of the case to increase air flow I think the problem with cases now is that people just don't want to spend money on a case. Still though why can't I just find a simple case.. A G5 running Leopard which one can make the argument that Mac OS X went downhill from there is a great machine for a lot of content creation and some basic web browsing with TenFourFox.

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I run and blog some about my 2. There is still a solid PPC community sharing tips and figuring out how to hack around Dropbox to keep it working and make use of other things. Having briefly owned a era Mac Pro, I can say that Apple reached the pinnacle of good workstation design with that tower.

Mac Pro vs. PowerMac G5 - Apple's Mac Pro - A True PowerMac Successor

Not a single tool is necessary to add or change components, and it is virtually silent even at full throttle, compared to any other workstation on the market at the time. Singularity[1] has some nice hardware for approaching what I would consider a good custom build, and they have a partner in the Netherlands Highflow , you may want to check them out.

Performance sucks from todays point. Wish I had not brought an early one when they were new! A 4,1 or so would be so much more usable today, …. I enjoy turning on my maxed out 1. The Mac was the better built and more beautiful machine, and more expandable, but the Lenovo was much, much faster in Windows and Linux. They were great.

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I had one of these. It was powerful, but not as powerful as an equivalent Intel system, and this was only because of MacOS X design faults. The warning sticker inside the case that states that moisture appearing inside the case is not normal made me laugh. PowerPCs were fine. PowerPC were not fine for what Apple wanted to primarily use the processors in, high performance and low power consumption machines… laptops.

I think the shift to Intel would have happened regardless, especially because of the problems they were having designing a G5-based laptop. They just ran too hot and drew too much power at the time—a real pity, when I was able to squeeze 13 hours of battery life out of my iBook G4 nothing in the Intel market could beat that at the time. Seriously, you pay me shipping and I will ship you one. I have a fully functional one in very good condition in my storage building. Would love to get rid of it but have no wanted to toss it. Is this an offer to Thom or an open to everybody one?

If open one — in what part of the world is said storage building?

Full ATX modded Power Mac G5 case

If the case is well designed WRT airflow. It has 3 mm fans and 1 mm fan and paired with a good Zalman air cooler even when I flipped the turbo button on my board which OCed my FXe to 4. Edited UTC. It also might be better to work with a shop which does 3D printing with a high-end printer. So here is to hoping they like, bring it back. Tony Swash I have a deep affection for my Mac Pro, even though its really long overdue for replacement.

Theking My HP Z works well as a space heater also. It runs Windows 7 and VMware workstation. I highly recommend any of the Z series machines for their robustness and quality builds. Perhaps the Dell or Lenovo equivalents are just as good?

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Theking Yes, make sure you buy with heatsinks. Running Linux or one of the BSDs is kind of a waste of electricity on these beasts. MorphOS would be a good candidate for one of them. Grab some of these G3 or G4 macs before they become too expensive down the line.