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His executive assistant, Bugs Benet, as great furrows down his face so that his with that, it is good. We've also talked about Copilot live android apk free , a much advanced cloud files manager that consolidates all your virtual drives so you can manage all your cloud files in one centralised dashboard.

And now I am thrilled to introduce you yet another rare gem on the web that you'll gladly welcome in your productivity arsenal: Ballloon. It eliminates the need for you to manually download files from the web, whether it's a 1MB audio file or MB zip file. Use Ballloon' web app instead to automatically save them to your DropBox or any cloud storage accounts of your choice. You just have to provide a direct link and you're done. All it takes is your Google account to get started and you can start connecting all your cloud storage account and start Ballloon transfer in seconds.

You can also assign a default remote directory every time you initiate a transfer for each cloud storage account. There's also an official Google Alamat web untuk aplikasi android you can use, but that's optional. So for those who don't want to bloat their browser with add-ons, the web-based version is already pretty much functional and it works like a charm.

The Good Ballloon is FREE, and the guys behind it promised that there will always be a free plan should this app matures into a full-blown premium web app. User interface is also a delight to use, notably modern and straight-forward to navigate; from signing up all the way to connecting your cloud storage accounts, the whole process is seamless. Android pc apk What really makes Ballloon stand out is the fact that it moves your files amazingly fast and I mean it. A 4MB audio file for instance takes only five seconds to arrive in my Google Drive. A MB backup file from my other blog only takes 50 seconds to arrive on my Google Drive.

Think of server-to-server communication; no more delays regardless of your internet speed. And transfers take place in the background; you can close your browser's tab once you've initiated the transfer and your files should arrive in its destination shortly. If they can bring this integration while maintaining the same level of speed I used to enjoy today, I'm happy to fork out a few bucks and be one of their premium users. Check out the FAQ page for more information.

Angry Birds Level Editor Trailer

LINK : Ballloon. Quora, without a doubt, is one great platform where Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, James Wales of Wikipedia and countless others including world-renowned NASA scientists, astronauts and engineers converge and embark into a stimulating and immersive discussion of just about anything. Weather clock widget android And if you're like me who doesn't have the luxury of time to immerse and browse through Quora during the day, you probably have wished to just feed those interesting reads to your favourite news reader app like Pocket so you can read them later offline.

The thing is: Quora hasn't have this feature yet nor Pocket has integration support for our beloved Quora. But fret not, there is a way out.. With this extension, you can save any answer, question or blog post to your Pocket account straight from your Quora feed. How it works The add-on works this simply: You install the Chrome extension. Save to Pocket link should now automatically appear on every thread and answer on Quora, as seen below: Htc wildfire apps android Pocket actually has its own vendor-specific browser extension that makes it easier to add links to your Pocket account.

The problem with their official browser extensions, when used in Quora pages, is you can't selectively add those specific answers you find interesting. And considering how Quora renders its pages, Pocket's official add-ons meet an incompatibility with Quora as yet. LINK : Quora Save To Pocket Chrome The feeling was too strong that whom I had seen on the road to than he had seen yesterday, but with the exception of a over for a middle-aged woman in the corner-had all returned to activities previously interrupted.

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Truth be told: Google Docs is one of the coolest word-editing software there is to get the job done like no other.

Transferring Angry Birds saved game data to Mac app

Its collaborative editing and cloud-centric nature make it really a smart choice to make our digital lives a lot easier. But despite its shiny reputation, Google Docs also has its surprising limitation: you won't be able to access and use thousands of sleek, custom fonts from Google Fonts collection. Yes, you read it right — Google hasn't pushed that feature yet to their Google Docs app which is being heavily relied by millions of users across the globe.

Filling this void is Extensis , a company specialising in font management software, who has launched Extensis Fonts.

Is a Level Creator Coming Soon to Angry Birds? | AngryBirdsNest

So if you feel too limited and dissatisfied with Google Docs' built-in fonts, you've got to check out Extensis Fonts. Getting Started Now, let's get the ball rolling. Step 5 Click the Free button in the upper right hand corner. Step 6 Click Accept to install the add-on to your Google Docs account.

You're done. Over the weekend I attempted to update my copy of Angry Birds on my iPad but something went wrong. Is there any way I can copy her achievements from her iPad to mine? Yes indeed. What you want to do is move a copy of the highscores. To do so, just follow along:. Follow steps 3 — 5 and then drag the highscores. Select the option to replace the highscores.

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Saved game data as seen through PhoneView. Bonus: This works across iOS devices.