The app worked flawlessly except for 2. I still needed those images, so I copied them out of an old powerpoint and then pasted them into Affinity Photo. I was surprised that when I pasted them, they came in as layers.

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I was able to work with them no problem in Affinity Photo. For what I needed this app worked and saved me a ton of time. However it seems that since I could still work with those two.

What is an EMF file?

I have not yet used all of the features of this program, but have converted my. It works very well with my iMac with 8gb RAM.

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The speed of conversion is awesome. The one problem I found is that in batch conversion the program will crash if the path is too long, so I needed to drag in folders with only one branch rather than those with a lot of sub folders and sub-sub folders. I believe this is due to a naming convention in OSX. Also, I found that not loading more than about pics at a time increased stability. Primarily I enjoy the drag and drop quick convert as I have quite a bit of clipart from over the years that I hadn't been able to use since the powerPC software quit being supported.

Thanks, guys, for your efforts. Keep up the good work! WMF Converter Pro v3. I had several dozen WMF files in assorted folders. It was relatively straightforward to use the application without much stumbling around initially. I first tried just one file and it converted to JPEG quickly and as as far as I can tell, accurately. I then tried doing small groups of files having the same destination folder.

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All went smoothly until I tried a large number and encountered a fault spinning wheel and had to force quit the program. I reopened it and was able to continue without any problems. Labels and Databases. My Health Report. Mac Image Converter Pro.

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WMF Converter Pro. PDF Image Extractor. Home Image Effects. Desktop Publisher Pro.

How to Open an EMF

Home Print Labels. WMF Viewer and Converter. Home Image Viewer. Mega Fifteen. Tiny Image Converter.

DBeMailer Pro. Home Print Publisher. Version: 2. Mac WMF Converter - work with wmf images easily. Main Features: navigate through the images in a folder using navigation keys and keyboard shortcuts view wmfs at different zoom amounts convert mac wmf files to vector formats convert wmf on mac files to mostly used raster formats with different resolution amounts rotate converted images by specified angle batch conversion of the folders with wmf files change color in mac wmf files and more Windows Metafile WMF format images are graphical files that can contain both vector and bitmap-based picture information.

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Microsoft Windows contains routines for displaying WMF files. WMF is a bit format introduced in Windows 3. EMF is also used as a graphics language for printer drivers. MacOSX All Right Reserved.