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Measuring x x mm, the can print at a speed of 22ppm and weighs about 6. This printer is uniquely designed for professional photographers. Its print resolution is 2, x 1, If you are looking for a laser printer for your Mac, then this is one of the Best Home Printer on sale. At 20ppm print speed, the MW has a paper capacity of sheets and measures x The MW has a print resolution of 1, x 1, and NFC printing features for compatible smartphones. With the print resolution of 4, x 1,, you can expect high-quality printouts for both text and photos.

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The TS prints at 15ppm for black ink and 10ppm for colored print. Although the printer is a bit pricey, the output quality is surely worth the cash. This is another great laser printer for your Mac devices. It is an entry-level printer with a print resolution of X and an impressive paper capacity of The printer has many features including scanning, printing, and copying which is great for your home or small office use.

This is one of the best home printer for your Mac. Weighing just 4. It has a paper capacity of 60 sheets with a varying printing speed depending on the type of documents. I just plugged the printer in, connected it to my wifi, and then selected it to be my printer from Windows 10 and it's worked with no problem, never once hassling me about ordering ink. My guess is the issue other people are experiencing comes from installing the HP software which doesn't appear to be necessary. I can also print from my phone with no problem. I'd recommend this product.

Marruquin San Antonio, TX. Had to use the manual connection setup menu to connect to my Uverse router, but the whole process took less than 5 minutes. Two laptops, one notebook and three phones successfully connected and printing. The print quality is great and the replacement ink is affordable.


I love this printer. Prints fast, and the copy output is very bright and very colorful. This is better than my Epson printer. I've had the printer for a couple of weeks now and I really like it! I love that the paper is closed in the design both coming in and going out, so I can set things near the printer and it's not in the way of what is printing. I love my new Canon TS I did some research and even though this model doesn't have reviews yet I thought it would be better to order a NEW model with the last technology in.

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And it is Apple product friendly! The size of the printer is not big and the design is very attractive. It comes with the full size ink.

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  5. I love that they make it in white color. Overall I'm very satisfied and I don't regret having take the risk to order a brand new model. I ordered from canon website since they have the promotion until the end of the month. Canon IP Inkjet Printer. Only 2 left in stock - order soon. I downloaded the setup file directly from Canon's website and didn't bother trying to use their included CDROM because I assumed it might be full of bloatware I didn't want.

    Canon includes a lengthly 3 page print cartridge alignment procedure that's triggered during the setup and anytime the ink cartridges are disturbed or replaced.

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    This process is essential for best text and image sharpness. I'm happy to report this printer works perfectly. It prints beautiful, sharp graphics and images.

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    The reasonably small footprint when compared to multi-function printers is a nice bonus. It's an absolute bargain! No mac drivers we have a mix in our house. Get with the times. Anyway, I tried to install that and it didn't work on my PC. I went to install it like every other printer I've ever used by plugging it into power and my PC.. You're supposed to install the software first. Couldn't ever get it to work, and this is coming from someone who used to setup technology solutions small offices such as printers, servers, networks etc.

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    If I couldn't figure that out, then how can the regular non-tech person? Anyway, onto this printer. As easier as you could hope for, really. I placed it on the desk, One significant item prevents me from giving this a five-star review. See the two pairs of images below printed on plain paper. The color graph on top is from the LaserJet printer and the landscape photo I took in Yellowstone on the top is printed from the HP Laserjet printer. The others below were from an Epson WF inkjet printer for reference.

    The paper isn't lying flat, so I cropped the edges so that it is not a distraction. The images look much better in person than the camera's images below indicate. I expected the inkjet print edges to curl when using plain paper, but I was surprised a laserjet print would curl nearly the same amount, but a little less. I used high brightness pound paper — thicker than the average paper. Usually ships within 6 days.