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Why Is iTunes Randomly Moving My Music Files? [Ask MacRx]

Note: If you move your media to an external hard drive, you must connect that drive to your computer to access your files. Remember to back up the media you have in iTunes. Next, move your iTunes folder, and any associated media to a new drive location. Step 3: Copy the iTunes backup from your old computer. To copy all of your media files, including the library file that holds all your playlists and other settings, to your new computer:. You've now moved all of your music, playlists, and other information—including play counts and ratings—from your old computer to your new one.

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How to Locate iTunes Music in Mac Directory

How to move your iTunes library to a new location. Before you begin Make a new backup of your iTunes library, or update your existing backup before you move it. From here you can make a copy of that specific song, make changes to it, edit it and make your own remix, create a ringtone out of it , or whatever else you want to do with the song.

With the quick access method, you can also use the standard file system hierarchal features to jump to the parent directories and reveal the entire folder structure of the iTunes library. The next directory up will be the artist, followed by the music folder containing all artists, and above that will be the core iTunes media directory.

When You Download a Movie From iTunes, Where Does It Go on Your Computer? | It Still Works

Enjoy this tip? Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Enter your email address below:. The songs often are not there. The current version of iTunes makes it much harder to find songs within iTunes than past versions. The point of using iTunes, among other things, is that you never need to browse your music files in Finder or any other file manager.

If you want to do anything with your music files, select them in iTunes and drag them anywhere even your email client.

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Then do whatever you want with them…. Why is mine different from yours?

Consolidate your files in the iTunes folder

After checking another Mac, it seems like the difference in the music location depends on updating to iTunes 11 and OS X Could be different though. Name required.

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  4. The iTunes program determines where it gets saved based on your configuration. By default, iTunes creates an iTunes Media folder inside an iTunes folder in your main music folder. To find your exact path, navigate to this directory, replacing "Username" with the name you use to log into your computer.

    Every file iTunes downloads get sent to the iTunes Media folder. On the Mac, iTunes works similarly.

    Where Are My iTunes Songs Stored On My Hard Drive?

    It also creates a main iTunes folder in which it creates an iTunes Media subfolder for all of your downloads. Unlike Windows, it uses a different directory scheme.

    Replace "Username" with your actual username. If you don't like your current storage path, you have two options.