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Peers can share the torrents too, but are only able to share what they have finished downloading.

Very slow utorrent DL, need advice (Mac)

When you add new trackers , it will add new seeds and peers. This can mean faster download speeds. Since the trackers close frequently and change a lot, adding new open trackers is critical for getting the best download speeds. To do this, open the torrent with uTorrent. When you are downloading multiple torrents at the same time, you can allot more bandwidth to the one that you want to finish faster.

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Simply right click on the file that you want to download the fastest. You can also increase uTorrent download speeds by using the bandwidth settings. What you can do instead is to allow your uTorrent client to receive the data directly with no firewalls to interfere. This option allows you to avoid the firewall and connect directly with the seeder, speeding up the download process.

Very slow utorrent DL, need advice (Mac) — PIA

In general, the higher the number of seeds listed for a torrent, the faster it will be. When comparing two or more different torrents of the same content, you almost always want to choose the one with the most seeds. If you have the option, plug your computer directly into your modem or router with an ethernet cable to get the fasted possible download speed.

Sometimes downloading torrents can feel like being a kid in a candy shop. Everything looks wonderful, and you want to grab it all. But loading up too many items into your download queue at once will slow all of them down.

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  • Of course, your internet speed is also a contributing factor to how quickly you are able to download torrent files. If your speeds are really slow, talk to your internet provider about a faster service package.

    Extremely Slow Mac Performance

    Dreaming of an ad-free web? I ditched it the first time because it was far too slow for what I needed in a household that streams video to different rooms and to our tablets and phones. And good luck running just one thing to one device. The video quality is choppy and horrible due to the slow connection.

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    A friend of mine had me give it a second chance because he swore by it. He even helped me configure mine to match his specifications -- and we're still floating at kbps.

    How to Make uTorrent Faster (MAC) [500% FASTER]

    I'd really like to keep PIA because it's simple enough to use but I need definitive help here to resolve this. November edited November November All right Could you tell me what else I should do? This doesn't work. Speed tests indicate maybe a 2 to 4 MBPS rise but downloading a 10 MB test file from the Internet shouldn't take ten minutes with that type of connection and it does and Torrent speed is still maxing out at under 1 MBPS.