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If the document can be opened with an older version of the program, save the file with a new name, and then again try to use it on the Mac with Word Another option is to try one of the Windows versions of Microsoft Word , , or as these versions come with repair tools that may repair a damaged document and make some or all of it recoverable. Again, if the document opens in one of the Word for Windows versions, save the file with a new name, and then again try to access it on the Mac with Word For more information, see Documents do not open in Microsoft Word for Mac that were created in an earlier version.

Skip to main content. Exit focus mode. Theme Light. High contrast. Profile Sign out. More information Damaged files frequently cause behavior that is not part of the program design, such as infinite repagination, incorrect document layout and formatting, unreadable characters, error messages during processing, system freezes or crashes when you load or view the file, or any other unusual behavior that is not part of the ordinary operation of the program.

To eliminate other factors, follow these troubleshooting tips: Check for similar behavior in other documents. Check for similar behavior in other programs. Test the file in question in Office for Mac on another Macintosh and try to duplicate the behavior. Rename any templates that are attached to the document, and then try to duplicate the behavior. Start the computer in safe mode, and then try to duplicate the behavior. Shut down the computer. Press the power button. Note This recovery may take some time, depending on the size of the document and how much damage is in the document.

Note Saving a file in text-only format frequently corrects the damage problem. Note In the new document, you may have to reapply section formatting or style formatting. Note After the link is broken, you should save the document before you close it or modify it. Note The recovery process can take some time, depending on the size of the document and the extent of the damage.

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Way 1. Coolmuster PDF to Word Converter for Mac

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Select the Advanced Search. Pick any word in the document, just to get the process going. Save the document in this format preferably under a different file name, to avoid contaminating the original. Then dragged and dropped the PDF file into the first Get window. I opened the PDF and it has text in it. What am I doing wrong? The Google Docs page does not have the options this article claims are there. Google Docs changes the UI every two seconds to keep you on your toes.

Yes, the article skipped a step on where to find upload. I just did. Lucky you. However, the conversion was not that great—images were missing, and alignment was not preserved, and tables were simply text. Preview on mac did a better job with the conversion, though still not great.

How to Convert PDF to Word on Mac Free ( included) | Wondershare PDFelement

I had a different problem, when the PDF file contains only a jpg image of a text. So I had to look for an OCR to text on line. Print the PDF file.

Opening and Editing PDF in Word (MAC)

Scan the prints as a Document and save it as text. Open with a free text editor, such as TextEdit or Wordpad and you are all done. You need to export your Pages documents to Word, Pdf or other format Windows users can read. Not sure if this will work with.

How to print to PDF in Mac OS X

Normally use Open Office and save as. It turns out that neither Preview or Pages recognize. May have to open and resave many files. While neither Preview nor Pages will open. Thanks for the tip. This one is very helpful. I have an occasional need maybe a dozen times a year to make this conversion. I did not know about the Google docs or the Automator options. After that, Zamzar will send an email to your mail box, with the word document you want attached.

The limitation of the online service is that you can only upload less than 4 MB PDF file at one time. It would be time-wasting if you have many PDF files need to be converted.

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That is to say, it would also be a laborsome task if you have a batch of PDFs need to be handled, because you many need to re-edit some elements in your PDF, graphics as example. The ways mentioned above are all helpful for converting PDF files to Word documents. Hope you can find what you need.