Why Doesn’t My Mac Wake From Sleep? [Ask MacRx]

Features Model A My MacBook Pro will not wake up when opening the lid, it keeps thinking that it is still in clamshell mode.

2. Run a Power Cycle

When connecting an external display it works but when removing the external display it will not revert back to the internal display. Also, when shutting down and I close the lid I cannot turn the device on, but when shutting down with the lid open it works as intended, I tried running a magnet near the left side thunderbolt ports sure enough the screen turns off and will not turn on. What are you using to charge your system the original Apple charger as well as the USB-C cable that came with it, or are you using something else, or using a Hub.

February 1 by Dan.

Macbook Air 13.3" 2013 Display Won't Wake Up

Yes apple is repairing it again but this would be the 3rd time they will repair the computer, at this point I don't know what I'm doing wrong, I've been using the same charger and cable that came with it, the laptop lives on a desk so I have no clue anymore why its always breaking down. February 1 by louiechua February 2 by Dan. Dan danj. Self employed contract worker. Sadly, the sensor is mounted on the logic board and is a custom part on the logic board.

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You will likely need to press to get it fixed. Be firm and polite, you will likely need to work up the food chain. I went to the apple store and yes apparently this was the problem since the battery swelled up and was pressing on the logic board, but they called it autoboot failure though, since the laptop is covered by apple care they will replace it for free. The battery shouldn't have failed for such a new system.

Are you using the original charger and the cable that came with it? Original Charger yes but I'm using the belkin break away cable, I just need to have magsafe to feel safer when someone might trip on the cable. Bring your charger and cable back and ask them for replacements. I have a sneaking suspicion the charger is bad. I would also double check the outlet you are using and I hope you are using a good surge suppressor or better yet a good UPS as well.

Just got my Mac a few weeks ago, no getting around it, apple replaced the logic board, batter and top case.


January 18 by louiechua My print queue is and was empty. Yosemite sucks.

How To Fix a Mac That Won’t Wake Up | TechRadar

I was going through different issues and read this one about the sleep mode, which annoys me, and decided to comment. Thanks for all the info.

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Thanks for this tweak — I was pulling my hair out trying to figure out what in the way of hardware or mower mgmt settings were off or possibly even a hardware issue with my Mac Pro. These two adjustments to the power mgmt settings fixed my wake-from-sleep issues!!! No more hard reboots!! File system loves me now — worked like a champ. Problem recurring after upgrading to macOS Sierra. Thank you.

I have the cheapo Mini got it so we would have Yosemite in the house, everything else is vintage, running This did not work. It will wake up, after a few minutes sleep though…. Every morning I have to do a hard restart after putting it to sleep the evening before. No problems waking up from a short sleep though. Yep, it sounds very familiar.

Have you found any solution? Maybe bringing it back to Apple? I went, but they said all the hardware was fine and saw no problems. No, Enrico, not yet. I only have it for a few days. I have the fusion drive version, so it does a cold restart extremely quickly. Cheers, E. It is a Dell UHM. When I disconnect the screen and put the iMac to sleep in the evening, it wakes up instantly in the morning with a keystroke or mouse click.

With the screen connected there is no other way to wake the iMac but with a cold restart. Kristoff, I have the exact same conclusion about the monitor. I am having the same issues with the same exact system. Im also having issues with random freezes and with some adobe apps not launching.

Mac Screen Goes Black? Here's Why and How

The fixes above worked for about a week and now i am back to any sleep longer than an hour needing to force shutdown and reboot. If the problem arises again, I will reply back. Chad, did which in particular, just the terminal commands or also the FileVault and hibernation file deletion? MacBook Pro Retina, inch, Mid have the same problem but the suggested solution does not work. Apple support have no solution on this one. NVRAM reset does not help either. These two reset options are what is recommended by Apple support.

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By pressing D for diagnostic or Option D for online diagnostic at boot will bring the diagnostic setup and tell you if something is wrong or not. My hardware is reported to be ok. The program gave a code after testing and requested to submit it to apple with the serial number. Im finding out that if self sleeping there is no issue but when I sleep by Command-Option-Media Eject then the issue resurfaces. I am having a related problem. Mid MacAir running Yosemite Apple says all the hardware, etc.

Fixing a Black Screen on Wake from Sleep on Mac

ALL the lights are off — apple icon, keyboard, screen. Will only wake up if I do a power button shut down and then restart. Apple says nothing is wrong using their diagnostics. This problem started after I had the keyboard replaced. They have re-plugged back in the monitor and that did not solve the problem. At the same time they changed the name of some file so that I could install a MS office update — said some file had the wrong name that solved that problem.

Any ideas how to fix it or what is wrong so I can tell apple so they can fix it? Update: When they replaced the keyboard apparently they also unplugged the screen to do the work. I went back to apple again complaining about the problem and that it started when they replaced my keyboard. Not sure exactly what they did — my impression was to unplug it and replug it to make sure it was plugged in securely. Problem solved. At least so far, knock on wood. Been a week and a half. The LED on my ethernet hub glows red no signal and no amount of key or mouse clicking will help.

Hard power button restart is the only way to wake it. I just fixed this problem with my late non-retina MacBook Pro.