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Note that FaceTime requires Internet in order to serve its purpose. Account-related issues particularly with your Apple account credentials are also among other factors to consider. Meanwhile, for FaceTime errors that occur following a macOS update installation, update bugs are most likely to blame. That said, they can be remedied at home by some workarounds. The following solutions are used to address FaceTime errors on Mac caused by any of the above-mentioned elements.

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Proceed to the next applicable solution, if necessary. Before you begin to troubleshooting, check and ensure that your Mac is running on the latest macOS Mojave version. System updates usually embed fix patches to clear out existing errors and issues inflicted by system bugs and malwares.

You may begin to troubleshoot your Mac if it is already up-to-date but still having problems with FaceTime. If you were able to use FaceTime on your Mac but then it suddenly stopped working, then it could just a random glitch affecting FaceTime app. The easiest way to clear out random app glitches is to restart the application.

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That said, quit FaceTime on your Mac and then launch it again. You quit the app via task manager or simply follow these steps:. You can also quit the app using the Finder app. If you see any other background apps, then you might as well consider quitting them all to prevent any of them from interfering with or causing conflict with FaceTime. Internet problems are the next factors to rule out if the problem continues after performing the previous method.

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Minor Internet problems are usually remedied by disconnecting and reconnecting to the Wi-Fi network. While disconnected from Wi-Fi, reboot your Mac to clear out minor system errors and to refresh the apps and operating system itself.

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Then head back to your network preferences and reconnect to your Wi-Fi network. Test your Internet connection by opening Safari browser and navigate to different websites. If your Mac is connected, launch FaceTime and see if it is already working as intended. FaceTime must be set up properly on your Mac so it will work as intended.

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But some hackers have said the program has had a slow start because they can make more money selling the flaws on the black market. From here, download the newest iOS version, which is expected to be called When the update is ready, choose Install Now. As a precaution, make sure your iPhone or iPad is plugged in to a power source when installing the update.

If you are using an older version of the Mac operating system, you will not see this option and do not need to download the update. When the download is finished, make sure your power cable is plugged in and restart the computer. You are now subscribed to our newsletters.

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