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That handled everything I threw at it.

OR do what I did. And RAID6 is due to die soon? I have a cheap 1. From what I remember AVI files do not work however without doing pre transcoding, but as long as you know that try and avoid avi. The NAS drives that can transcode for Plex were prohibitively expensive for me. The alternative is to transcode everything with something like Handbrake, or switch to Infuse which gets the ATV to do the legwork and works well with even low spec NAS drives.

I would love to know how you came to this conclusion.

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In fact I started converting all my media to apple-native formats long before I got an ATV3 for that very reason. Everything else Valdhor has said is quite accurate.

5 MKV Video Players for Mac OS X

The comments from everyone else are already a good guide as to what to look for. Maybe go through the NAS forums too for suggestions from other people as to which ones are compatible and work well. I was constantly coming upon files that would only work with certain versions form certain packs, while others only worked with certain versions from other packs.

Constantly having to swap and change installed codecs, I refer to as The Codec Dance. I got sick of it. Decided to get it all straight and consistent once and for all, never to have to worry about the dance again. No longer have to worry about future codec packs breaking old videos. My NAS has remained the same only a storage expansion.

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It is a low powered model purely intended as a point of storage. This has worked out well for me as different media players and managers evolve.

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Currently running Plex Server from a Mac Mini that also does other automated tasks too. The problem with. AppleTV will play pretty much any HD bitrate for the video stream. That is the thing for me too. I place different Plex players at different locations for different purposes. May 13, Joined May 28, Messages 8, Thanks 1, While I want to say yes the truth of the matter is it will depend on the quality of the MKV file and the quality you want Plex to handle.

If you are talking two 4K video streams then I don't know. EDIT: There are some folks here that have this system and may be able to answer it.

Unibody Mac Mini 1080p MKV issue

Since iXsystems sells the unit, maybe a question to the marketing team would help. Last edited: May 13, Joined Dec 3, Messages 1, Thanks Like joeschmuck said, the question you ask is more complicated than can be answered with the information you provided. As was alluded to above, it depends on: - quality of the original file - quality of the output file - client you are playing the files on - and some other factors If I were you, probably the best gauge you can use is the one that Plex has on their website.

They provide general guidelines for the pastMark score that the CPU must have per stream of transcoded media.

HOW TO RIP 4K HDR BLURAYS (FREE) - Complete 4K UHD Blu-Ray Ripping Guide [No UHD Drive Required]

Joined Aug 16, Messages 10, Thanks 3, Well, Plex recommend passmark per stream for p transcoding. So it might barely handle two streams at p, or would probably handle two at p, as long as it isn't doing much of anything else at the time.

New mac mini as a Plex server? | MacRumors Forums

Joined Apr 10, Messages 27 Thanks I have a freenas mini that seems to have no issues with 2 people on Plex at the same time, even with many p videos. Attached hopefully is a screen shot of 2 users watching 2 p videos at the same time. Note: Mine's a recent purchase and I'm still trying it out but it seems to have plenty of power for me. Last edited by a moderator: May 13, Thanks for providing that information. And honestly, the mini doesn't have much space for storage and 4K video files consume a huge amount of space, these things do not go hand-in-hand.

I have a fairly powerful mac mini that host my Plex Server, 2. I cant believe that the server is an issue here surely? The file is a p blu ray rip in MKV format which is stored on a Synology nas, the video does play in the end but i was just a bit concerned to see this message on a fairly decent powered server. Do you have enough free space on your server for transcoding? Ususally you have to keep at least 2x your largest file size…. Try converting the file to MP4 with handbrake. Mkv files need to transcode which is what the problem is.