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If you are looking for a free converter, then Wondershare Free Video Converter for Mac is a good choice. This software is free to use and allows converting videos and audio files to formats which are compatible with iOS and other devices.

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The program supports editing features like cropping, merging, trimming, rotating and others. Wondershare Free Video Converter for Mac also allows downloading videos from YouTube and convert them to different formats. Step 2: Drag and drop the desired MP4 files to the software interface. Step 4: Click Convert All to start the conversion process. If the process of downloading, installing and registering the software is a tedious task for you, then you can opt for an online converter. There are various online converters that support a decent list of formats for conversion purpose.

The majority of these online converters are free and simple to use. The converter has simple to use interface, supports an array of video, audio formats, allows uploading up to MB of a file. The converted files can be directly downloaded to your computer or be saved to Dropbox. Each of these solutions has their associated pros and cons. Depending upon your requirements related to a number of files, conversion speed, and additional features, you can opt for the most suitable method.

Aiseesoft MP4 Converter for Mac gives you the tools to convert video files into multiple output formats quickly and conveniently. Just add the files you want to convert, choose the output format from an extensive list of options, and click "Convert" to complete the process. Intuitive interface: This app features a very streamlined interface, with helpful instructions that pop up when you first open the app and an inviting layout.

Even inexperienced users can find their way around quickly and complete basic conversions, while more advanced users can take advantage of the app's more powerful features, all from the same screen. Tons of options: When it comes to output options, you're sure to find the ones you're looking for in the huge selection this app offers.

Formats are clearly sorted by device, and include short descriptions, so you'll know exactly what you're choosing to convert to. Conversions are also completed quickly, and the converted file will show up in the app's main interface listing. Basic editing capabilities: There are video editing tools included in this app, and they'll take care of any basic editing tasks you need accomplished. But more advanced users may not find all of the high-powered editing options found in some other similar programs. Limited demo: The demo version is limited to converting only the first five minutes of longer clips, and only half of clips shorter than five minutes.

There is also a window that pops up and asks you to order the full version each time you try a conversion in the demo version, which is a bit frustrating. This is a versatile and accessible program that allows users of all experience levels to convert video files from one format to another. While the demo is quite limited, it does let you get a good feel for the interface and the capabilities of the program, so you can see if it's the right option for you before you purchase the full version.

Before I downloaded many favorite videos from Youtube, but QuickTime Player on my macbook always fail to play them, now I can convert the videos into mov and avi to watch them. And another one feature I like is that I can add my watermark on my video when converting it. Hope you can do better for our Mac users. In total, this tool is very useful to convert videos.

The conversion failed for most of the files I tried. Despite the website's claim that you get a full refund within 90 days, they refused to give me my money back. They said "we do not give refund due to indicated problem on website. Not sure if there are any pros because the product did not do what it claimed to. They fail to mention that the software cannot convert files with digital media rights protection.

Itunes and many other video formats have these protections and Aiseesoft cannot convert purchased content. Oh yeah, refund policy does not apply if you failed to predict their product does not actually convert ANY popular format. Disappointed this was not mentioned anywhere in the C-NET description or the product website.

Maybe this is something computer savvy people already know but it is not intuitive and should be made clear to buyers. Convert my video files within minutes.

Part 3. 6 Popular MP4 to AVI Converter for MP4 to AVI Conversion

Support all popular video formats which can meet my need. Lossless quality after converting. I've purchased this product for a few days on the recommendation of a friend. And it allows me to convert my videos to 3D formats on Mac, amazing. I've been using this software for a year now, and it never fails to finish a task which I need it to do.

Well worth the price. It is a perfect app that can meet all my video conversion needs. Thanks Aiseesoft Studio for such a great product. Super fast! Thanks for the magnificent program.

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Also, you can adjust video brightness, saturation, hue and other parameters, crop the video area to make it fit your screen, or add watermarks to your video. After the new upgrade, now it allows you to rotate and flip the video.

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In addition, the audio settings like encoder, sample rate, channels and audio bitrate are also at your disposal. You can convert your video files to multiple different video formats, which greatly save your time. If you love this app, do not hesitate to leave a review. We updated this program to make it fully support bit processor. Improved the stability when converting videos to MP4 format. Improved the H. This app lets you convert videos into mp4 AND lets you edit them!

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I don't need to edit my videos much for YT but I want to clip some parts out and this app does that and more. There is one problem for me and IDK if I could just press a button or what but when I convert 2 segments, because I needed to clip one part out, and I press merge into one file once it converts it gives me the merge and the 2 segments, which I don't need. I just need the merged one. IDK if I could fix this myself or if it's something other people would want, or if its a bug.

Plz LMK if I can do it myself. Thanks for the awesome app!