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I got seven Mac- 11s,About eight 38s nine 9s

Can't see me moving, I'm like the fastest I'm a 3D movie, no need of glasses They hate it before they hear it Clear that my perseverance is somethin' they can't bear It's become apparently clear They fear me, I'm not dying or rather Put my ears to the blaring cop siren Am I here or in a hot dryer?

Didn't hear all that pop-soundin' fakespeare, pop rhymin' Niggas should stop lyin' Why in a whole year, you still in the same spot trying To change, but you not risin'? When will somebody real tell him he not Nas-in' Cars, you just started drivin' I've been ridin', been made it You and your pretend stages I did this since windbreakers windbreakers. Buckets like Gilligan Still I peep reptilians in the Filligan Blendin' in, my quintillion ton brain Got me revealing men Quintessential Queensbridge poet back to the grill again Did songs with Chubb Rock to Chris Brown, switch styles Yet to see any heavyweight make it to this round This that pure champion sound, I wear the crizzown Raw, one take, I don't even need a mixdown Demure, not docile, volatile, I kick down Amphibians, reptiles that make that hiss sound They eyes change color, their pupils start to slit down When I take cover, and I let off a fifth round I got seven MACs, about eight.

The Notorious B.I.G.’s Ten Best Songs, Collabs, Lyrics And More

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Hardcore, I got it sucked like a pussy Stab ya til you're gushy, so please don't push.. Oh my god, Im dropping shit like a pigeon hope ya listenin', smackin' babies at they christenin'.

I got seven Mac's, about eight 's, Nine 9's ten Mac's the shits never end - Album on Imgur

Nov 11 AM. Hold me, it's gettin' darker.

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Nov 11 PM. Ox'll spit some shit that'll reflect off the mirror My light beams are mad bright, They stay clever Yo challenge an Ox member, Get a vow severed Found your body in the desert Scavenger's dessert Yeah yeah I rap tight like Saran Plus enter battles talkin shit like 'Look mom, no hands! I like this one a lot. That's absolutely ridiculous I'm meticulous when ripping this I'll break your ribs, hip, and fist If you don't get the jist I'll give the ear a twist I'm more fatal, as a tornado, or volcano Hotter than fire with the texture of glass Lif the lava mass This mega blast is supplied by years of struggling and praying that society start crumbling It's humbling when you describe your skills as pummeling Step on stage and proceed to start mumbling And stumbling over the mic stand This is when I enter the stage and start to decrease your lifespan Same thing goes for your dj and your hype man My targets are all marked kid, my sights in I am, going to show you a true mic holder Burn that ass up, watch you smolder.

Nov 12 PM. How many motherfuckers can say they psychotic?

How many motherfuckers can say they brain dry-rotted from pot? You got it like I got it or not?

Nas – It Never Ends Lyrics

If you did, you would know just what I'm talkin bout When your tongue's rottin out from cotton-mouth When you end up becomin so dependent on weed that you end up spendin a G in the vendin machine You got the munchies, look at you, junk food junkie Potato chips and lunch meat, up in the front seat Sometimes you can get so paranoid from ganja that's it gotcha thinkin the whole world is watchin ya Or maybe you don't smoke, maybe you just roll But whatever your drug's yo, go for the gusto Just don't, come fuck with me when I'm doin my drugs You see me in the club don't come fuckin my high up and.

Nov 13 AM. Mar 28 PM. Check it, I grew up a fucking screw up Got introduced to the game, got a ounce and fucking blew up Chopping rocks overnight The nigga Biggie Smalls trying to turn into the black Frank White We had to grow dreads to change our description Two cops is on the milk box missing Show they toes you know they got stepped on A fist full of bullets a chest full of Teflon Run from the police picture that, nigga I'm too fat I fuck around and catch a asthma attack That's why I bust back, it don't phase me When he drop, take his glock, and I'm Swayze celebrate my escape, sold the glock, bought some weight Laid back, I got some money to make, motherfucker.

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