Admittedly, I do not generally care for the anime or chibi styles but I do like using them as templates for my own characters and designs to be sure they fit right with the rest of the game size wise and style wise. Moving onward, we also have the Initial level, and max level for our characters, and starting equipment.

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Now these are things found through out the engine series that I cover here. Max level determines where you stop leveling up.

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Having a character with too little too soon could spell out a lot of rage and frustration for your gamers as well. Another part of these that should be mentioned is the traits. You can have multiple characters of the same class, though you can make them a little more diverse if you choose to let them be. For instance, you can give one immunity to poison or immune to sleep due to an insomnia trait. So they can battle no matter what, or if you want you can have a fatigue counter on your characters.

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The notes boxes can be used to store information for you, or scripts to run certain bits of a plugin. From the older versions to the newer ones, we can see that some things have been taken out of this menu, so where did they go? They have been moved over to the class tab. On the class tab you can find your parameter curves and abilities.

A few of the others have their own tabs as well now. Though we will cover those on a later date. Until then, stay awesome. Press the script button the highlighted one on the bottom , and itll open up a box that looks like this. NOTE: This tutorial assumes you already know how to make enemies in the database, and have done so. I dunno, what do you guys think… 5 months long enough? Yeah, I agree. In our last build, our protagonist stopped off in New Bark Town before resuming their journey across the Pokemon World to try and find secrets to this elusive Sealed Realm.

Demo 6 continues from where that left off, and our heroine can now travel into the Johto Region proper! Making use of the combined type chart , which was finished in Demo 5, Pokemon and Puppets can now stand on equal footing against each other. On the topic of adding Pokemon, this means some changes had to be made to existing mechanics. Pokemon and Puppets have their own gender classification system, and their own breeding table.

This is to prevent species crossbreeding - sorry guys, feel free to write your fanfictions though! There are several things that Demo 6 had added to the mix, not just obtainable Pokemon. In Pallet Town, you may recall that there was a small general store that you could buy small stock at. This store has now begun its beautiful metamorphosis into being a very large general store that stocks new items the further you get into the game!

Older stock goes on a discounted price as newer stock comes in, so if you want to purchase Pokeballs for 30, instead of 60,, this is the place to do it! Once you clear the Cinnabar Volcano event, the doors will be open for you to use it! If you taught Fly to a Puppet and tried to use it, it would crash the game. This is no longer the case! Several sound files have had their volume modified, but this process is not done and I will continue modifying them as I hear complaints.

I would also like to take this time to formally mention that the Mystery Gift event that gives out Kokoro is no longer active. But on the note of Kokoro, she is now obtainable!

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Check the readme file for information on them! Demo 6 also comes pre-stocked with a brand new Mystery Gift event to replace Kokoro, go check it out! One more thing I need to stress before posting the download links: If you had saved in The Safari Zone, Route 23, or Indigo Village, please move your save inside a building. There were black void issues that I have resolved. Go on ahead and download Demo 6, I made it to be played afterall! Demo 6 goes up to just outside Union Cave, and has only the eastern segment of Route 36 explorable. Everything within those boundaries is your playground!

You have been warned!

The 17 year old programer. Now byte off

Demo 5 is complete, uploaded, and primed for release! This makes for a grand total of 32 types currently in-game. That has been removed in this update. How do you get it? Demo 5 has fixed a lot of miscellaneous bugs that have all been documented in the change log within the readme. Due to how I fixed the void, maps have been shifted around on their X and Y axis. Your save position is locked to an X and Y coordinate, and remains in that position regardless of map changes.

Meaning, you may be standing on an impassable object in this build. If you notice and bugs, please inform me right away and I will get on fixing them as quickly and as best as I can.

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Happy Holidays everyone, and may you all have an enjoyable and safe remainder of , and a wonderful start of ! You have the one program where no one uses parallax maps because of how nice the map editor is. This is the best I can give you right now , sorry about that :c. Director Ink here. If you know how to use rpg maker XP or please contact me on my main cosmic-ink We still need people to help with programing, music, and tilesets chipsets.

Please, if you can contact me! This week we have been even busier with the upcoming events in our country but! Our programmer has been experiencing with RPG Maker and, once again, we have reached the same old slope.

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Our artist has been working in the concept designs for the characters, creating the sprites and working on the title screen. Our writer has been writing and rewriting concept scenarios such as endings, dialogues and the actual script. Finally, our composer has arranged and rearranged the main theme for the game.

As well as composing and perfecting other tracks. It's best to leave the already filled ones alone unless you are sure something is wrong with the information. Continue forwards!

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Once the process is complete, you will see your game on the right of the RPGHub window. Right-click it and select "Start". Have fun! I was browsing my Mac partition and found this. Golly it's wordy though I promise you it's very easy! I just went into extreme detail in hopes of preventing confusion. I wonder if it'll have the opposite effect? They would know a lot more about the errors than I would. Add a Comment:. Load All Images. RPGHub site isn't opening for me Thank you.

Prev Next. More from AvalonMelody. Cleaned up the page with broken links and added some new funnies!

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XD Basically every gif and image I found funny I added to this journal in the period of an hour. Hope this won't kill your computer