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For the purposes of this tutorial, I am going to be creating an animated GIF in Photoshop CS5 of a star that is moving across a black background. The animated GIF is going to consist of five different frames, wherein the star is at a slightly different location in each frame. The separate images look like this:. For the sake of simplicity, I have labeled the images as 1. Once your image parameters are set, click the OK button to create your blank canvas.

The next thing to do is open the folder containing the images that you are going to include in your animated GIF in Photoshop CS5.

Creating an animated Gif in Photoshop CS5 – IT Training Tips

Windows Explorer is the program that you use to browse through folders and files on your computer, and you can launch it by clicking the folder icon in the taskbar at the bottom of your computer screen. Once the folder containing your images is open, hold down the CTrl key on your keyboard to select all of the images then drag them to the Photoshop CS5 canvas. This will change your canvas to show one of your frames with an X over it, such as in this image:. When you see this, press Enter on your keyboard to insert each image as a layer in Photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop even supports GIF files which makes it possible to edit non-photo images such as business logos. Using the dialog box that appears, browse to locate the GIF file you wish to open and double-click it. Click on any of the buttons on the left toolbar to begin editing the GIF file.

For instance, you can use the "Crop" tool to crop your GIF file.

Editing GIFs in Photoshop CS5

Alternatively, select any of the options from the Image menu to edit the GIF. This is a short cut way to use the Place command. Use the Enter key to accept the position of each image essentially, just press Enter until every layer is placed.

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You can also use the Place command located under File on the Menu bar to place each image one at a time if you feel more comfortable doing so. You will notice the Layers panel is now full with every image acting as a new layer.

How to Create Cinemagraphs with Photoshop

Be sure to unlock the Background layer the original image we first opened by double clicking it and selecting OK. We can now open the Animation pane and get started. The Animation pane is located under Window on the Menu bar. The Animation pane will appear below the canvas window and will fill up with a series of icons representing whatever layer you had selected at the time of opening the pane.

How to make GIFs with Photoshop (or these free alternatives)

This is okay. This is the Frame Animation view. We will need to turn on the Timeline view for just a moment so that we can automatically create our frames from our layers. To switch to Timeline view, click the button located in the lower right hand corner of the Animation pane. Your Animation pane should change views. Notice the original button clicked to change views also has a new look.

We will click this button again in a moment to change back to Frame view. The reason for changing views was for the Make Frames from Layers command that is only accessible in Timeline view. It is located in the Animation pane fly out menu.

How to make GIF with Photoshop CS5 for Tumblr

To select the command, press on the fly out menu button upper right hand corner of the pane window and choose Make Frames from Layers. Notice the canvas view has changed. Change the Animation pane view back to Frame view by clicking the button located in the lower right hand corner of the pane window. Now the Animation pane makes a little more sense where each layer is represented by an icon in Frame view giving us a better idea of how our animation will work. To test the animation, click the Play button on the bottom of the Animation pane.

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The animation moves extremely fast. To stop the animation, click the stop button.

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To duplicate an existing frame, select the frame and click the Duplicate frame button located on the bottom of the Animation pane. To move the new frame into a different location in the timeline, press and drag it and drop it where you want the new frame to sit. You can also duplicate a series of frames at the same time by selecting all the frames using the Shift command and clicking Duplicate. Play around with the order of the frames and how many frames of each image your animated gif will contain.