Microsoft Office 12222 for Mac brings loads of new features

After five long years we were getting a new version. But would it live up to the hype, and would it be as good as its Windows counterpart? Each app in Office for Mac has a unique colorful Office theme along an open documents top header—blue for Word, green for Excel, etc.

Microsoft Office 2016 For Mac Review: The Ultimate Productivity Suite

It makes distinguishing between them—and their open documents a breeze. Speaking of uncluttered, Office for Mac ditches any floating toolbar windows and pallets. It also builds in support for a lot of OS X technologies. Now users can use multitouch gestures that are available in OS X on a system wide level in Office for Mac For example, you can pinch to zoom in or out on a specific part of your document.

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It also support full-screen mode on those Retina displays. This is the full screen mode baked directly into OS X. Other nice, suite-wide technologies in Office for Mac include thousands of new Office templates for Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, Excel sheets, and more. You can still save locally to anywhere on your Mac. While the cloud-based file saving is nice, I wish Microsoft would have added support for Dropbox.

However, since they support Dropbox on their iOS Office apps, I suspect that feature will be coming to the Mac version. A final new feature worth noting is Smart Lookup. This is available in any of the Office apps and allows you to find relevant information from the web for any word or phrase you highlight in a document. Results appear in a dedicated Smart Lookup pane and are powered by the Bing search engine. Each has numerous new features and each app could could easily have a book written about it. Eventually we found the solution was to delete the old Outlook preferences file.

Microsoft Outlook 2016 for Mac Hands On Review!

If you have the same problem, close Outlook, search for Terminal on your Mac and type: defaults delete com. Press Enter and then type: killall cfprefsd to kill the cached preferences. Relaunch Outlook and you should find it works again. If it prompts you to import again, you can skip it because the file will already have been imported previously.

Importing large PSTs in general is no better than in previous versions of Office — it just seems to give Outlook a nervous breakdown as it always has done. As with Word, Excel now presents you with the same templates and starting point screen as you get on Windows. The big change in Excel for Mac is that it now finally supports the same keyboard shortcuts as the Windows version to help those working between the two platforms. Other than these changes, there are a few more analytical tools but nothing very different from Excel for Mac.

Other than these changes, there are a few more analytical tools but nothing very different from When you open a document in Word, the template choices are now almost exactly the same as on Windows which is nice to see. You can add more editors and see how many users are collaborating at any one time by clicking the persona symbol in the top right of the screen. The other big downer for some users is that Microsoft has removed the Publisher layout view from Word. This was the closest thing you could get to Publisher on Mac as we discussed here along with alternative desktop publishing software for Macs.

However, you can instruct Word to make regular backups of your work in the save settings.

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There are a few other new editions to Word such as long overdue support for equations although OneNote still does not and an expandable Styles pane in the top right corner to change formatting more easily. On the plus side, clicking on links in Word is now much better — pages open instantly in your browser instead of having to wait around for ages as in Office OneNote however is the only part of the Office suite that does support auto-save as it was a feature built-in since OneNote was released.

The main improvements in Powerpoint however are mainly aimed at those that want to use it for live presentations. We entered new tasks into Exchange on Office but they failed to sync with Office for some reason which is a major problem if Microsoft expect Mac users to purchase an Office subscription in order to use Office ! I moderate the Excel forum daily, and I can't say that I've noticed many complaints of mouse problems with Excel. I have seen reports of trouble with certain versions of Times New Roman and some foreign language fonts.

My hope is that it will appear at least in Insider Fast builds within the next few months.

Microsoft has added many missing features to Office for Mac, but there is still more work to do. Yep, June and it's still super bad. I'm going with all of the above for the reasoning behind this. There's not really any other answer! Sure is fun.


It's been a long, slow trek, with the goal still far off in the distance. To the best of my knowledge, all of the features that are in Excel do work. In my humble opinion, you cannot seriously be a Mac-user, are you? All features that are in Excel work? We pay it, because we HAVE TO, because we simply cannot use any of the great, functioning softwares that in fact are out there, just because MS Office still and probably will be for ever a de facto standard, bad as it may be. I also deeply disagree with your judgment that "the problem [ Please, please, please, Microsoft, do not even try to put more features into the poor Mac Office suite, before you have not figured out how to write decent software for this platform!

Office already has too many features, that I feel MS developers simply have lost control over not even on Windows"! This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. Learn more. Skip to main content. I'm wondering what people think - Excel for Mac seems to be so bad that it must be intentional. Am I wrong? Is Microsoft still waging a low-grade war on Mac users by making their products subtly awful on a Mac? Is it just that they have really bad developers?

Is it that the developers are good but the management somehow makes them do terrible work? Has a nefarious actor infiltrated Microsoft in order to make their products just bad enough that companies will continue to use them but their awfulness will create a small long-term drag on the US economy?

Unmistakably Office, designed for Mac

Answers would be appreciated. I recommend this discussion Previous Next. Joe's answer Replied on August 28, Try installing all the updates and check the status. Up vote Article Author. The Mactrician Replied on June 26, It's a terrible sham and scam of a product.