Mac OS X SMB Fix solution: SMBUp

This share works on my windows machine. Also: how about repairing mac smb so that networked mfp copiers can once again scan to shared smb folders on macs? Broken since Lion when Mac went to smb2. That has been broken since Mountain Lion and is still broken in Mavericks. This is incredibly frustrating for offices with network drives that must be searched on a regular basis. Nice post! I have a problem with VPN. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved.

Step 1: Disable writing .DS_Store files to network shares

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Speed up browsing on network shares

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  • Fix slow access of Windows SMB share from Mac OS.
  • Step 2: Make sure NetBIOS over TCP/IP is enabled on the file server's network adapter?
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OS X's SMB behavior getting worse and worse?

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  • Appendix F. Running Samba on Mac OS X Server?

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  • Fix slow access of Windows SMB share from Mac OS - Windows Server - Spiceworks?

October 24, at am. Bill says:. So good to find this solution. Hope it helps others. Is Apple in Decline? SMB Shares Use flat permissions across each shares. Do not allow folders with different permissions within a share. This will cause a permissions disaster if multiple users create files. File sharing performance with macOS Note that Apple changed the default for packet signing to be off from macOS Run this script as root defaults write com. This issue can be mitigated by turning off Antivirus software on-access remote scanning. When macOS Finder icon previews are enabled, the Finder performs a pseudo read of all files within folders to generate icon previews.

This occurs every time folders are opened so will causes additional network traffic.

Speed up Samba (SMB) share access/browsing from Mac OSX · GitHub

An alternative is using EasyFind from Devon Technologies. Disable Mac TG says:. GumptionTech says:. Scott says:. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

Mac OSX 10.7.2 Samba 3.0 Mac Ports Install Part 1 of 2

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