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Perhaps very useful is this provided YouTube movie by wmk. This is, as far as I know, the only additional software that does something with the X Pro versus X-plane This means the correct drivers are downloaded from the Internet and once this process is finished, your throttle unit comes more alive than before. This download and installation of the correct Window drivers is enough to use the X52 Pro with X-Plane. Part I — Windows 10 and X-Plane Do you want to calibrate them now?

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You click the Yes button. The next window will tell you to move all joystick axis including the throttle handle. This can be done without the need of dedicated Saitek drivers. X-Plane is in my humble opinion good in that. But first …. For your convenience, find those steps within the screen shots below. The only thing to keep in mind is that at a certain moment the software asks you to connect the USB cable. The following screen shots are those that represent the setup process from Saitek. By the way and before I forget it …..

Testing each switch, button, knob, slider, selector, HAT switches, mini-stick and much more are all recognized. It has nothing to do with testing or calibration. It has to do with the LED intensity or the color to display.

Bottom panel for Description

Do you want a 12 or 24 hour clock, do you want a time offset and how do you want to display the date? Now, go to your downloaded profilesv2. Doing this makes your life easier since it offers pre-programmed examples for X-Plane, but is it really what you want?

X-Plane 11 - Logitech USB Extreme 3D Pro -Cessna Skyhawk - A.J. Eisenberg Airport

Is this really such a big deal? Just follow these steps to create your own profile file. The most interesting one is the Programming option, so click that one. As you can see below, this is the Product View mode and on the right-hand side shows which Mode is the active mode, and below all the switches, buttons, knobs etc.

Select the Open icon on the top. It will go directly to the Profiles folder. No difference, only a different look! How to program or re-program this X-Plane file is contained in that well written and explained SST manual. But what does it do? Without this XSaitekProFlight folder and its-contents, you can program the X52 Pro in the ordinary way as previous described for the Mac. And yes, this is it! So still no MODE 2 and 3! Just to make this clear; the above procedure works also when you have NOT installed the Saitek X-Plane plugin, but it only works for Windows.

Not all items on the throttle unit are recognized and thus you miss them. Furthermore, the Smart Technology software makes it possible to use every switch, knob, slider, mini-stick and anything else that can be found, three times, due to the MODE 1,2 and 3 in combination with the Smart Technology software. Does it fly better with the Smart Technology profiles being active?

No, but it does give you more control over your flight sim compared to no Smart Technology software.

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Anyway, back to the MFD itself. Why you might ask? The right-hand knob can be pressed and you can rotate it up and down. Up and down changes the value in the window and pressing it means to activate it to make changes. You can handle it, but keep that little problem in mind. The following screenshots show you which MFD possibilities exist. Along with the well-designed joystick and throttle handle, this is a nice MFD feature.

Flight Sim Gear

The X52 Pro has passed my test! It looks good, is solid and the grip on the throttle and joystick units give you a good feeling. The number of switches, knobs, sliders, rotary knobs, HAT switch and buttons are probably far too much for the average flight simmer, but for those who want to program everything, there are plenty of possibilities. This is partly because of the MODE 1,2 and 3 switch on the right-hand side of the joystick since that function allows you to triple all the switch, buttons etc.

Because of the four suction cups on each unit, you can easily mount the units to your table and when no longer needed, you can remove the units quickly and park them somewhere else. The cable to be used to connect the joystick to the throttle is 1. The USB cable from the throttle unit is 1. In other words, long enough for general use. Having said that, it seems most of the simmers prefer to use the built-in assignments of X-Plane.


All together, keeping the price in mind, a good-looking joystick and throttle unit. Not only just looking good, it works great in combination with many flight simulators. More information about the Saitek X52 Pro can be found at the dedicated Saitek web page. Campen gmail. I have desperately been looking for a way to use that MFD.. And i feel like I can unfortunately relate to those negative reviews. One of the other advantages, at least for me with an iMac, is that the X52 Pro only needs one USB connection while the X56 needs two as far as my knowledge goes.

If I may add my two cents worth. Likewise with the X52 Pro, it introduced more metal, such as the switches and hats, and was also a solid piece of workmanship. They then introduced the first non-moveable load cell joystick called the X65F, the joystick used pressure sensors in the now solid centre rod which could be adjusted in sensitivity, to detect which way to move the aircraft.

This also introduced the first Saitek twin throttle control. The X55 Rhino was a disaster, and the X56 Rhino was not much better. I have owned these mentioned brands, still have the X52 nowe given to my younger brother , X52 Pro and X65F, and have given away both Rhino models, having not succeeded in getting my money back, and then the sale to Logitech. Both brands superb quality, never looking back. The hardest thing is to get Linux and Mac to recognise pedals, as they are pure axiz, and Linux needs to see a switch first on a controller before recgnizing an axiz. But it can be done with success.

Great review! However, there was one inaccuracy that I saw. Thanks for your reply and advice. Immediately checked this and yes, seen that you can swap many parts of the joystick from one to the other side. I also did via Thrustmaster. You must be logged in to post a comment.

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