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And just below that, select a channel number from the channel menu. If you want, you can check the box to require a password and enter a password in the next field. Now click ok. Go the other computer and choose the AirPort icon.

How to Create a Shared Network Folder on a Mac

Then choose the desired computer to computer network. Click the sharing tab, hit "share," and then you can add users to the share list, along with their permissions.

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Windows will share it, and give you the network path where you can access it. Alternatively, go to Computer, right-click, and check out the system properties and note your computer's name on the network and its Workgroup make sure the Workgroup is the same as your other computers, it makes life easier. Anyways, it's mostly the same stuff, just with a slightly uglier interface. I found this guide helpful when I was trying to remember where everything was. Like before, you'll need a user account and password setup. Go to control panel, user accounts and create a new one, if you need to. Go to the folder you wanna share, right-click, hit properties, and switch over to sharing.

Allow it to be shared over the network, and allow users to change files. Okay, if you've done everything correctly, and the gods are pleased, what you should see on your Mac in your Finder Sidebar under the Shared tab is your Windows computer. Make sure Shared is enabled in your Finder sidebar preferences, or you won't see it. Then, you should be able to just click on it, enter your user account and password, and voila, you can get right at everything just like you hoped.

On your Windows 7 or Vista machine, you should be able to click Network, and see all of your connected computers, including your Macs.

Life's good. Update : BTW, if you have Apple's Bonjour—Apple's zero configuration networking dealio, which powers music sharing in iTunes—installed on your Windows machines it comes with iTunes , the discovery part of the guide above—the parts pertaining to locating the other machines on your network, should just work.

That is, your Windows machines should just show up in your Finder sidebar and your Mac in your PC's Networking page, though you still need the accounts setup properly to actually share stuff.

Share Files from Mac OS X to Windows PC’s Easily

Sometimes, things don't work like that. PCs don't show up in the Finder automagically, you can't login easily from your PC. Network discovery just isn't always that reliable. In that case we go all manual mode. Remember earlier, when I had you note your computer's name on the network and setup a static IP? That's where this comes in handy. So, know either your computers names, or their IP addresses on your network. The latter is the PC's IP address, which should be something like The computer name is easier and usually better, especially if you don't have a static IP address set up.

It'll ask you what volume to mount what folder you want stuck on your Finder Sidebar under shared, essentially , and a login, and then you're good to go. It's pretty simple in Windows too, actually. Either in the Windows Explorer address bar, or the Run command type:. And it should give you the option to login there, giving you access to all of your stuff. Using the full address of the folder you're trying to get to will help with making sure the authentication pop-up appears—otherwise you might just see automatically what's publicly shared and not the stuff you're trying to log into.

Logging in every single time would be a pain in the dick, but luckily you can make shortcuts to this stuff. On a Mac, as Gina points out here , under Accounts, you can add a network share to login items, so it'll connect every time you start up your computer. In Windows, you can either create a shortcut by right-clicking on the share, or you can add your Mac's shared folder as a mapped network drive, so it'll connect to the folder every time you fire up your computer.

There is more than one way to tackle this particular angry bear, so if you've got your own tips and tools to share, please drop some links in the comments-your feedback is hugely important to our weekend How To guides. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited.

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