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If you remove a contact by choosing the contact name from the contact list, Cisco Jabber removes only that instance of the contact you chose. That is, if the contact is in more than one group, Cisco Jabber removes the contact only from the group where you selected this person. How do I block a contact?

If you block an individual contact, Cisco Jabber prevents you from sending or receiving instant messages to or from that contact. Cisco Jabber can only block users from a different organization or domain. To block a contact: 1 Choose the name on your contact list. Cisco Jabber provides an Address Book Plug-in, which you install separately, the plug-in allows you to dial using Cisco Jabber directly from the Mac Address Book, if you deployed phone services in your environment.

Chat Instant Messages Group Chat How do I start a chat? When you double-click a contact in your contact list, Cisco Jabber opens a chat window, where you can start chatting immediately. Or, you can find your contact, first, by using Cisco Jabber search, which automatically searches your contact list, company directory, Address Book, and recent conversations: 1 Click Search and enter a name or address in the Search field in the main window.

You can also search with the global Cisco Jabber menu. How do I turn off the sounds that alert me when I receive a chat request? By default, chat alert sounds are turned on for those events that support sounds. You can specify the sound, dock bounce, and Growl notifications for all events that send a notification. How do I see a missed chat request? If you are currently signed in to the application, an icon appears on the application, and on the Chat tab within the main window, noting that you missed chats. What do the buttons in the chat window do?

The buttons in the chat window allow you to add audio and a web meeting to your conversation. Button Description Place Call Initiates an audio call. Start Desktop Share Sends a desktop share invitation to your chat participants. Send Opens a new message window, addressed to chat participant s.

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Font attributes Allows you to choose a font, font size, and color. Font color Allows you to choose a color for your text. Emoticons Allows you to choose from a palette of emoticons. File transfer Allows you to browse for a file and send it to your contact. Can I start a chat from a Growl notification? When you see a notification that a contact is online or that you received a message, click the Growl notification and Cisco Jabber comes to the foreground and opens a chat window with that contact. Where can I see my chat history? If your company supports this feature, whenever you start a new chat with a contact, you see your previous chat message there in the chat window.

You also archive a chat to a file or view chat history from the Chats tab in the main Cisco Jabber window. Only the system administrator can activate chat archiving. Some organizations choose not to activate this feature. To be sure, ask your system administrator. Can I change the appearance of my chat text? Does Cisco Jabber have emoticons?

In the conversation window, choose from a variety of fonts, colors, and emoticons to apply during your chat. You can also set a format option for all of your chat messages, whether they are incoming or outgoing. You can choose a chat theme, font size, and color. How do I see my recent file transfers? This window lists the files you received or sent in your Cisco Jabber chat sessions, and the names of the senders or recipients. Double-click the file name to open the file. You can also click the search icon beside the file to open the Downloads folder, where the file resides.

What s a group chat? Chats that use instant messages are either person-to-person or group chats. Three or more people constitute a group chat. Group chats remain active as long as at least one person is in the chat. When all participants leave, the group chat ends. How do I start a group chat? You can start a group chat in several ways. Then, in the the People field of the Invite to Chat window, enter names of the contacts you want to invite to the group chat. Select multiple contacts in the Contacts list, right-click, and then choose Start Group Chat.

Tip To invite everyone in a group to a group chat, right-click a group name in your contact list and choose Start Group Chat. How does it differ when I use my computer or my desk phone for phone calls in Cisco Jabber? Cisco Jabber can use your computer as a phone including use of microphone, speakers, and USB headset , or it can control your Cisco IP Phone to make and receive phone calls. When you use Cisco Jabber in desk phone control mode, some call control options are not available from the application itself, and you need to use your desk phone to complete these actions: Send the call to a mobile device Mute your microphone Adjust the volume at which you receive audio Q.

What are the different methods available to initiate a call?

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To make a call, use any of the following methods: Use the Search field in the Cisco Jabber window to find the desired user and choose one of the phone numbers from the submenu. Then, choose one of the phone numbers from the submenu. Click the Phone icon for a contact in your contact list and choose one of the phone numbers to call. Right-click a contact in your contact list and choose Call from the context menu. Then choose a phone number to call. Move your mouse to hover over one of the contacts in your list and click the Phone icon when the contact card is displayed.

Click to select a contact in your list. Click the Keypad button to enter the number. To dial, press Return or click the Call button. Cisco Jabber provides two levels of native Address Book integration. Cisco Jabber also shows Address Book entries in search results. This defect does not affect the Address Book plug-in.

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Can you describe the icons in the Active Conversation window? The icons in the Active Conversation window provide access to your calling features. Icon Description Mute Mutes your microphone in the active call. Adjust Call Volume Opens a slider, with which you adjust the active call volume. Hold Call Places the active call on hold. Use this keypad to enter PINs, passwords, or voice menu navigation. You can also use this keypad to place a call when, for example, you use the Add Call feature from the Call Actions menu. Contact Options Menu Opens a menu that gives you access to the following features: Chat: Opens a chat with this contact.

If you are in a conference with several contacts, all of the participants will be in the chat. If you are in a conference with several contacts, all of the participants are invited to the meeting. Send Opens a new message, addressed to this contact. If you are in a conference with several contacts, all of the participants will receive the message. The Contact Options Menu button is active only when you are in an active phone call with someone in your company directory. End Call Ends the active call. You can also end the call by closing the Active Conversation window.

If you want to end a call that is on hold, you must resume the call by clicking the Hold icon before you can end the call. You can also forward your calls and open the Calls Preferences menu, with which you can view information about your phones. How do I call "offline" contacts, if they don t show up in my contact list? You have two options: Search for your contact. The search results display all the contacts in your contact list, even those that are offline. From the results, you can call your contact. What are my options when I receive a call? When you receive a call, choose one of the following options from the notification window that appears: Answer with audio Divert the call to your voic service Answer with chat Silence the ringer Q.

How do I create a conference call? Inform your caller that you will initiate a conference and that the callers will be on hold while you add other callers. Then, click Add Call. The search results display all the contacts in your contact list that have a phone number associated with their profile, even those that are offline.

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  4. This person cannot join the conference until you complete the next step. You and all of your callers can now communicate in the same call. In this manner, you can add as many participants as you need. How do I put a call on hold? While on an active call, click Hold in the Active Conversation window. When I multitask during a call, I sometimes cannot find my call window. How do I display it again? If Cisco Jabber is not the active application, click the Cisco Jabber icon in the dock. How do I see my missed calls? If you have missed calls, a red missed-event counter with a number appears on the Calls icon in the main window.

    By default, your call history displays all your incoming and outgoing calls. Click Call to return the call or Delete to remove the call from your list. Why can t I hear anything in my call, and the other call participant can t hear me?

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    Check to see if you re in the correct audio mode. Click the Phone and Call Forwarding Preferences menu in the lower right corner of the main menu. Where did the Volume and Mute buttons go? You need to switch to the correct audio mode. When you are in desk phone mode, Cisco Jabber cannot change the volume or mute your desk phone. These controls are available only when Cisco Jabber sends audio through your computer. To change the setting, click the Phone and Call Forwarding Preferences menu in the lower right corner of the window.

    How do I switch my phone mode? The icon at the bottom of the Cisco Jabber main window indicates your current mode. How do I make a call from the chat window? To call your chat participant: 1 Click the Phone button in the chat window. Can I make a phone call with Cisco Jabber while I work in another application? If Cisco Jabber is running, even if another Mac application is the active application, you can open the global Cisco Jabber menu to access several key Cisco Jabber features, including to make a phone call.

    Cisco Jabber supports telephony tel: and chat xmpp: and jabber: links that appear in many documents and web pages.

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    For example, if you click a telephone number that displays a tel: link, Cisco Jabber initiates a call to that number. To make calls from the global Cisco Jabber menu: 1 Open the global Cisco Jabber menu and use the Search field to find the desired user. To make calls directly from an application: If the telephone number appears as a link, click the link to initiate the call with Cisco Jabber. Highlight a phone number in an application, right-click, and choose Dial with Cisco Jabber directly from the menu. Redirect Q.

    How do I transfer a call? Inform the person that, while you transfer the call, they will be on hold. Then, click Transfer. Then, press Return. Alternatively, search for the name of the transfer recipient in the Search field. The search results display all the contacts on your contact list, even those that are offline. Click the name of the desired contact and then, from the contact information, choose the number you want to dial.

    Cisco Jabber transfers the call to the recipient. How do I transfer a call to my mobile phone? You can transfer a call from Cisco Jabber to your mobile phone, if your system administrator enables this feature. Inform the person that you will transfer the call to your mobile phone and continue the conversation there. Then, click Send Call to Mobile. When you end the call on your mobile phone, the call returns to Cisco Jabber as an active call until you or the call participant disconnects.

    How do I park a call? Inform the person that you will place the call on hold and retrieve it from another phone.

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    Then, click Park Call. Cisco Jabber displays a window with a phone number you use to retrieve your call. Write this number on paper or enter it with the keypad for the phone with which you will retrieve the call. If you change your mind after parking the call, just click Retrieve Call in Cisco Jabber. Your call becomes active again and you continue the conversation.

    How do I retrieve a parked call? When you park a call, Cisco Jabber puts the call on hold and provides you with a number that you use on a different phone to retrieve the parked call. The number appears in the conversation window when you park the call. Make note of the number. To retrieve the parked call, just use any phone and dial the number that Cisco Jabber displayed. Your call becomes active again and you can continue the conversation. How do I forward my calls? Use Cisco Jabber to forward your calls to any other number. How do I add to my list of phone numbers for call forwarding?

    Why does Cisco Jabber fail to forward my calls to the number I have chosen? The call forwarding feature might not be configured for your system. To verify, try to forward a call from your desk phone. If you cannot forward calls from the desk phone, then you cannot use Cisco Jabber to forward calls, either. Contact your administrator for information about your Cisco Unified Communications Manager configuration. Voic Q.

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    How do I know if I have new voice messages? After a caller leaves a message, a missed-event counter a number appears in red on top of the Voic button in the main window. This counter indicates the total number of new voice messages. How do I listen to my voice messages? Click the Voic button to access your voice messages. Cisco Jabber lists your voice messages in a similar way to your messages. You can use the Visual Voic feature to play, pause, skip back, and delete your messages. To respond to the caller, click Call in the playback window. If the caller is in your directory, hover your cursor over the profile picture to display the caller s contact card.

    This allows you to contact this person with a call, message, chat message, or invitation to a WebEx meeting. What other actions can I take on a voice message? You can perform the following tasks: Mark a message as new Right-click the message, and then choose Mark as Unread from the menu. When you do this, Cisco Jabber returns the message to the missed-event counter on top of the Voic button in the main window. See any new voice messages Any new message appears in bold font with a dot beside it. Start on. Show related SlideShares at end. WordPress Shortcode. Published in: Technology.

    Full Name Comment goes here. Are you sure you want to Yes No. Browse by Genre Available eBooks No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Cisco connect jabber client update 1. All rights reserved. Search corporate directory 7 8. Linking user s mobile device to their enterprise directory number WLAN Mid-call DTMF-based features hold, resume, transfer, etc. Mid-call VoIP features hold, resume, transfer, etc. Jabber for iPhone 9. Facebook-style slide-out navigation menu Improved first-time setup experience!! Simple Configuration Enhanced security!!

    Audio codecs G. Optimized to provide the best quality video!! Factors which influence video frame rates!! Jabber for iPad 9. Cannot share their content content video stream Jabber for iPad 9. Feature Parity Gap of Jabber 9. P2P voice calling in Jabber IM 9. Therefore, by policy Cisco cannot handing out Jabber s.

    Cisco must abide by the rules of Apple to participate in their ecosystem. Full UC capabilities with video!! Key New Features!! Service Discovery!! UDS support!! Cisco Jabber The following versions: This free Mac app was originally produced by Cisco. This application's bundle is identified as com. This free application is suitable for Mac OS X Our built-in antivirus scanned this Mac download and rated it as virus free. Collaborate more securely and effectively from anywhere with colleagues, business partners, and customers using Cisco Jabber for Mac.

    Empower employees to work together efficiently from anywhere by bringing together presence, instant messaging IM , audio and web conferencing, enterprise voice, and visual voicemail into one client on your desktop. Windows Mac.

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