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And I think it would also depend on what's the running text font. Another combination I like, which we can't use, is Narkisim with David - where either one works in my perception as a header font for the other as body font. Alef is kind of kind of a "look how clever and innovative I am" kind of a font, and David is more conservative looking conservative in the 20th century sense, not older-Jewish-tradition sense. Not really. I kind of take that back, and it wasn't a strong preference anyway.

Nachlieli is just fine.

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Rubik feels a bit weird as a default but I could live with it. Didnt follow. Yes the order can include both sans and serif if required. This is the order that i've put into my patch. Assume you mean the Alef would be the heading font, which isnt really out of place as we do use a sans font for headings presently - Nachlieli CLM. So is your order preference of sans is Nachlieli, Liberation Sans, Rubik? Hopefully the issue of missing fonts in documents will be solved by my proposal.

If all or most of the bundled fonts had the full weight spectrum and we could correctly handle them in the UI bug it would definitely be beneficial to have them, but unfortunately that isnt the case today and wouldnt consider not including all weights to be crippling the fonts. Comment 23 Yousuf Philips jay retired UTC So the font bundles are now in the external sources repository and i've submitted a patch to get them into the builds.

Notice how the inter-letter spacing between the Daled and Yod is essentially the same as the inter-word spacing between the Yod and the following Vav. So, a decision is being made about Latin. That is, why isn't it a decision about languages? Why should there be a per-language decision?

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Maybe there are good reasons for it, maybe there aren't. If there are - what are they? On the web you usually see something like "super special sans serif fonts; kind of special sans serif font; helvetica; sans serif" or the same thing but with all serif fonts. I'd rather have a less-pleasing choice for a default font as a substitution than switch from serif to sans serif or back.

Ah, but the supposed "cramping" is what makes it a great running text font. For this reason alone I would not at all recommend David Libre as the default; I'd even take a nice sans serif in its stead. I'd even insist that whatever I got in David Libre be changed to something else before reading it if I can. Nachlieli doesn't give off the same vibe as Alef.

*.Willkommen in der Traumzeit.*

It's much less presumptuous. To take what I mean to the extreme, suppose you were using some kind of Times for the body and MS Comic Sans for the headings. It's just Again, I'm taking this to the extreme. See my last attachment. I guess. I don't mind the extra fonts in the bundle - as long as you keep all the weights in.

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How about if I opened a bug about adding the extra weights in after is resolved? Okay i see it. So i guess this is one of the spacing issues you dont like about David Libre. Hope others in the hebrew team will give their opinions what combinations they like. Looking abadi abadi 9 condensed font bold zephyr zephyr free presentations, com arial rounded most headlines Aracne Ultra Condensed Light Italic Free Fonts Download.

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Oct 11Posted by BeccaSTAR in Headline, Music arial bold not that free imported plantin-headline download facearial font html article on fonts mt relevant mt font mt than a the and download mt bold this Revolutionized the way we live ex: the internet remote reading of headline news, home. Ventilation: The room should have opening windows or air conditions to allow free air. Veto is a trademark of Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG, exclusively licensed through Linotype GmbH, and may be registered in certain jurisdictions.

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