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I used version 3. The developer is very responsive. I'd recommend donating to help with the development - given what VPN tracker costs. Very pleased! I just got this set up with a Netgear FVS and it was easy to set up and works as advertised. Since 3.

Or is there a workaround for the expiration? The price is the only nice thing about this product. NAT-Traversal is also important for me while travelling hotel rooms, public hot spots etc. Great stuff thank You, it works perfectly well with all ZyWall's i tried Models 1, 2, 5, and even opens multiple VPN tunnels to different sites at the same time. The posting of advertisements, profanity, or personal attacks is prohibited.

Key Specifications

Click here to review our site terms of use. If you believe this comment is offensive or violates the CNET's Site Terms of Use , you can report it below this will not automatically remove the comment. Once reported, our staff will be notified and the comment will be reviewed. Overview User Reviews Specs. Home Mac Security Software Internet Security Software Suites IPSecuritas Beta or prerelease software is not intended for inexperienced users, as the software may contain bugs or potentially damage your system.

Publisher's Description. From Lobotomo Software: IPSecuritas is a front-end of the Mac OS X IPSec subsystem built in the kernel and allows to configure and establish secure IP tunnels between your machine or network with a remote network for example your office network using the non-secure services offered by the Internet. What do you need to know about free software? For greater security, you can change the remote management Web interface to a custom port by entering that number in the box provided. Choose a number between and , but do not use the number of any common service port.

The default is , which is a common alternate for HTTP. Click Apply to have your changes take effect. If you are using a Windows computer with Internet Explorer 5. For example, renter tracert yourFVS Select Administration from the main menu and Remote Management from the submenu. The Remote Management screen will display. Check the Allow Telnet Management radio box. It provides a remote means to monitor and control network devices, and to manage configurations, statistics collection, performance, and security.

To create a new SNMP configuration entry:. The SNMP screen will display. The traps will still be received on Enter the trap port number of the configuration in the Port field. The default is Enter the trap community string of the configuration in the Community field.

Full Specifications

Click Add to create the new configuration. Click Edit in the Action column adjacent to the entry to modify or change the selected configuration. System Contact, System Location, and System name. Click Apply to save your settings. Once you have installed the VPN firewall and have it working properly, you should back up a copy of your setting so that it is if something goes wrong. When you backup the settings, they are saved as a file on your computer. You can then restore the VPN firewall settings from this file. Click backup to save a copy of your current settings.

If you have your browser set up to save downloaded files automatically, the file will be saved to your browser's download location on the hard disk. Warning: Once you start restoring settings or erasing the router, do NOT interrupt the process. Do not try to go online, turn off the router, shutdown the computer or do anything else to the router until it finishes restarting! Click Browse.

Locate and select the previously saved backup file by default, netgear. When you have located the file, click restore. An Alert page will appear indicating the status of the restore operation. You must manually restart the VPN firewall for the restored settings to take effect. To reset the router to the original factory default settings, click default. You must manually restart the VPN firewall in order for the default settings to take effect. Warning: When you click default, your router settings will be erased. Please backup your settings if you intend on using them!

To view the current version of the firmware that your VPN firewall is running, select Monitoring from the main menu. When you upgrade your firmware, the Firmware Version will change to reflect the new version. From the Product Selection pull-down menu, select your product. Select the software version and follow the To Install steps to download your software. After downloading an upgrade file, you may need to unzip uncompress it before upgrading the router.

Publisher's Description

If Release Notes are included in the download, read them before continuing. The Settings Backup and Firmware Upgrade screen will display. Click Browse in the Router Upgrade section. Locate the downloaded file and click upload. This will start the software upgrade to your VPN firewall router. This may take some time.

ProSAFE VPN Client: Client to Box Configuration | Answer | NETGEAR Support

At the conclusion of the upgrade, your router will reboot. Warning: Do not try to go online, turn off the router, shutdown the computer or do anything else to the router until the router finishes the upgrade! When the Test light turns off, wait a few more seconds before doing anything. After the VPN firewall has rebooted, select Monitoring and confirm the new firmware version to verify that your router now has the new software installed.

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Note: In some cases, such as a major upgrade, it may be necessary to erase the configuration and manually reconfigure your router after upgrading it. Refer to the Release Notes included with the software to find out if this is required.

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Network Time Protocol NTP is a protocol that is used to synchronize computer clock times in a network of computers. Select Administration from the main menu and Time Zone from the submenu. The Time Zone screen will display. This is required in order for scheduling to work correctly. Select a NTP Server option by checking one of the following radio boxes:. Click Apply to save your settings or click Cancel to revert to your previous settings. You can be alerted to important events such as WAN port rollover, WAN traffic limits reached, and login failures and attacks.

To monitor traffic limits on each of the WAN ports, select Administration from the main menu and Traffic Meter from the submenu. The Broadband Traffic Meter screen will display. The Broadband and Dialup ports are programmed separately. A WAN port shuts down once its traffic limit is reached if the Block all traffic feature is enabled. If you have not enabled the Traffic Meter, these statistics are not available.

WAN port shuts down once traffic limit reached. An e-mail can be sent. The volume of traffic for each protocol will be displayed in a sub-window. Traffic counters are updated in MBytes scale and the counter starts only when traffic passed is at least 1 MB. You can send a System log of firewall activities to an email address or a log of the firewall activities can be viewed, saved to a syslog server, and then sent to an email address. You can view the logs by clicking View Logs. View System Logs.