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Turn your computer off. Before you begin cleaning a sticky keyboard you will need to shut down your computer. Once your computer is shut down, make sure its power sources are disconnected. For example, if your desktop is plugged into an outlet, you will need to unplug it. Unplug the keyboard from the computer.

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Shake out the loose debris. Tilt the keyboard upside down. Use your hands to gently shake out any loose debris. You should not attempt to shake loose debris from a laptop keyboard.

The shaking could potentially damage the computer. Use compressed air to remove loose debris. If you have a laptop computer, or if there is residual debris in a standard keyboard that cannot be removed by shaking, you should use a can of compressed air.

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Method 2. Try a keyboard-friendly wipe. If your keyboard is only mildly sticky, you might be able to clean it with a simple disinfectant wipe. Wipes including Sani-Cloth Plus, Cavi-Wipes, and Clorox Disinfecting Wipes are safe for most computer keyboards and will remove bacteria as well as sticky substances. To remove the Delete key slide the tool in flat at the right hand edge of the key and run it up and across the top to the top-left corner.

It will be quieter, though

This should snap the bar out of its place. The prongs on the Delete key are on the top-right and top-left and the bar on the bottom. After the metal bar is detached it can be removed as above. Shift, Tab etc. The Enter key has two picnic tables and a metal stabilising bar. Remove the bar by putting the tool in the top edge and running it clockwise down the right side. The prongs for the top picnic table are on the left hand side as with the standard keys.

The lower one has four prongs instead of a two prongs and a bar but they fit under hooks rather than into holes so they can be wiggled free once the other connections are loose. To wash the keys I put them into a plastic tub, covered them with water and sprayed window cleaner into the water, stirred it and left them for about 10 minutes. Then I dried them with paper towel and left them to air dry for another hour. In the vast majority of cases, following the steps listed above will fix the Sticky Macbook keyboard keys and get your keyboard back up to tip-top shape.

Use coupon code VIP or click on the button below. Image source: YouTube Video Screenshot While it would be ideal to keep our computers in pristine condition for the entirety of their use, sometimes there can be some slip-ups that can cause issues like MacBook sticky keyboard keys. Step 2 Disp a q-tip into the rubbing alcohol, and wipe around each of the sticky keys.

Step 3 Use a toothpick in order to remove crumbs and debris from underneath the sticky keys. Step 4 See if your keys are working correctly.

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Step 5 Use a spudger or other such plastic opening tool in order to pry up the sticky keys. Step 6 Put soap and warm water in a cup. Step 7 Wipe down the keyboard where you removed the keys again with q-tips that were dampened with rubbing alcohol. Step 8 Dry the keys completely with a paper towel in order to ensure no water gets into the Macbook.

Step 9 Align the cleaned key and push firmly into place in order to put the key back on, and then move your finger side to side until you hear a double clicking sound.