Upgrade to the latest version of Mac OS X

It seems with every update to the Mac OS, there will always be some who find the newer version, not to their liking, or discover that the new version of the operating system renders some older application incompatible. The general answer is no. Without the necessary code, your Mac is likely to fail to start up, fail the install process, or crash, if for some reason you were able to successfully complete the installation.

Be aware, however, that the process will require you to erase your startup drive, and lose all your current data, so be sure to back up your Mac before proceeding. In addition, there's no guarantee that any user data that was created with a version of OS X that post-dates Snow Leopard will be usable with Snow Leopard or the apps that created them.

Now, in many cases, your user data will be transferable. For example, a photo in any of the standard image formats should work just fine under Snow Leopard, but your Apple Mail messages may not be readable by the Snow Leopard version of Mail, because Apple changed message formats in some of the later versions of OS X.

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This is, of course, just one example of the type of issues that may surface when downgrading from one version of OS X to a previous version. To install Snow Leopard on your Mac's startup drive.

OSX 10.5 TO 10.10 Upgrade Process

Remember, this will erase all of the data on your startup drive, so to repeat: have a full, current backup of your data before beginning the downgrade process. Share Pin Email. Tom Nelson has written hundreds of articles, tutorials, and reviews for Other World Computing and About. He is the president of Coyote Moon, Inc.

What does this mean for Snow Leopard users?

We'll tackle the downgrade question a bit later in this guide. Make note of the following:. If you want to work with a version of OSX older than Mavericks e.

Snow Leopard minimum requirements

Now all you need to do is take that USB thumbdrive, stick it in the computer that you want to upgrade, and double click on the icon that appears on desktop. The installation is automatic. This installer thumb drive is identical to the thumb drive that you would have if you purchased it from Apple. Total disaster.

How to Upgrade Snow Leopard to OS X Mavericks

It would not let me use scanner on Epson SX printer. I could not use my MacFamilyTree with people on it. Iphoto went haywire plus various other problems. I have just bought football manager , but i have os x version Name required.


Due to technological changes and improvements between older and newer mac versions, decisions had to be made to drop support for older versions in order to support newer features, in both the operating systems and Flash Player. I know installation is not blocked and I have that version installed. The problem is that it's not working well.

I can no longer watch videos on NetFlix and some other sites, nor do any of the gaming sites I use work anymore.

I know from reading forum posts that I am not alone. It's a shame that Adobe's decisions for dropping support for older systems and software affects a great many of us. According to Netflix says my system is not compatible.

Upgrading your Mac

We recommend updating to a browser that supports HTML5 to ensure your computer is optimized for our web player. Our web player works best on:.

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I understand where you're coming from, computers aren't cheap, however, the reality is OS X Depending on your system's hardware you may be able to upgrade to You would need to find the minimum hardware requirements for those versions and see if your system meets those hardware requirements. Everyone is now moving away from Flash to newer technologies that may not work in your old system.

Yes, I have Silverlight installed - still doesn't work. That said, Netfilx was working fine on Firefox with OS Everything was working fine until I got a newer computer and moved all my files and software over. Adobe will not allow me to use software I paid for and owned and used for years, giving me one month to do something about it. I cannot use software I paid for and registered, simply because I bought a newer computer.

It's a pretty crappy way to treat a customer who has never had the kind of money it takes to stay up-to-date. Frankly, I've enjoyed the fact that I don't have to be held prisoner to their subscription model, because what a rip-off that is. Recommendations are great, but none of that is happening unless a rich uncle dies or I win the lottery.

I will be losing my only livelihood in under 30 days, when I will no longer be able to open my software programs. The reality here is that Apple continuously changes MacOS, and the latest versions of MacOS have changed enough since you last purchased Creative Suite that the copies that you purchased on the perpetual license no longer run. This isn't Adobe holding you hostage. We fulfilled our obligations and delivered working software.