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And the skirmish mode is actually meant for defence, not attacking. Perhaps it's wise to mention this as well: CC is more fun at least, in my own opinion with friends. Failing that, a good Mission is a nice way for some goal-oriented killing. The Mac version seems to have some problems Resolved the right-click issue. Mac users: go to system preferences, mouse, and "enable two finger touch as secondary click". For some reason, control-clicking isn't good enough! A fun game, although the interface is still a little clunky. Hotkeys, anyone? Physics in a game like Worms works so well because you don't need players to keep up precise real-time steering most of the time.

Is there a blood and gore filter? If not could one be made so my child could play this? He saw me playing this and wanted to play but I had to say no The best I could offer on a "blood and gore" filter would be to play with robots. Or dummies. Or skeletons. Or any other non-human first-party actor. The movement physics, impact damage, and weapon lethality are all very realistic.

Unfortunately, all the distributed, motor-skill-based controls that humans use to deal with the hazards of the battlefield are totally missing. That's why most games abstract away the particle physics-type detail - because unless micromanaging detailed world interactions is the point of the game as in the deliberately horrible controls of Toribash , these features are just making it harder to play the game you really want. Had to buy it; not just because it's nice to play for more than five minutes running, but I actually wanted to give money towards such an ambitious and innovative project.

I'm not sure why people are having trouble playing this game I've been following it for about a year maybe more, and i've never had too much trouble controlling it. Someone mentioned walking as well, but does anyone really walk THAT much anyways? I jet pack around it's way easier, and besides in about 3 minutes the entire ground is covered with harder gibs to walk on so its not a big deal. I think the mods weren't mentioned enough, there are hundreds upon hundreds of mods in the forums. Ranging from simple tweaks to damage or a new sprit, to entire new factions with mountains of guns and actors and ships, ALMOST too many.

Frankly i have more trouble making the models look good cause im a bad artist than i do thinking of ways to do something new and awesome with the weapons. Go to the forums and try it out, you'll be surprised how easy it is. Un-modded game is very unbalanced killing much of the fun involved. AI-digging is just like telling my cat to solve my math-problems. I think this game has much potential but the player base will be rather limited unless there's an "easy" skirmish mode for casual players with largely limited physics.

Lua is a new thing which is scenes-only at the moment, ALL the weapons and actor mods available are non-lua, a fair chunk of the game's code has been written to make modding not only possible, but incredibly easy. You really should clear that up a little. The un-modded game is unbalanced in this build due to the weapons just being put in, they need tweaking a LOT. Next build, which should be released in the next month, will hopefully fix this. This is my favourite game of all time, yes, walking can be tough, but that's why most actors have jetpacks.

I really wanted to like this. Unfortunately, the thing I thought would be the coolest about this game ended up being the thing I hated most. In order to do anything- land a rocket, shoot at an enemy, even move around- you have to fight the physics every step of the way. I love the amount of mixed criticism CC receives. I find it comical that the majority of the criticism falls onto the physics engine. The fact that people are appalled are realism scares me to even contemplate their life in the real world.

The other problem I see is that people are complaining about the difficulty. Want to play something easy? Go ahead. This game wouldn't be for you. It wasn't meant to be super-easy, so it won't be. This is a game for people who can take something new for a little while and not whine about it not fitting their dreams. Take the craft landing situations. Tell me, would you think that it's possible to land people in a heavy combat area and have the helicopter get away in one piece? Do you think that walking on dirt does nothing to it?

Footprints, people, footprints. Data has taken a concept and brought it a great distance from the beginning and has made it something great. You don't like it because it doesn't make sense or your controls don't work or you die every ten seconds? This game was and is still being developed. By now, the creators would have realized if it was too hard and thus, unplayable. Instead, they set up a forum that takes feedback and helps people. Now, I'll take a moment to directly address the comments that I see were misinformed. To poster 2: This game was built with a precise physics engine made by the developer.

Your tripping over things is a result of you attempting to get up speed. Let's take a look at real life for a minute here. Say that you actually had a jetpack and it worked nicely. Wouldn't you say that flying with a directly upward thrust on one point on your back wouldn't eventually end up in spinning if you hit a rock while going too fast? I believe so. Animations would have been fine if it actually made sense, but they don't. The whole idea is that different parts react differently. You can have a single leg removed, yet still laboriously walk when using an organic character.

Your health will drop, but nevertheless, you'll have mobility. However, take away both legs and you'll become lighter and able to make a nice kamikaze attack on some approaching clones. If Data were to, as you say, set specific animations, we'd have nothing more than a basic side-scrolling shooter with some nice physics. Also, I already answered your little idea about walking not hurting. To all you people trying to play on Linux: Currently, it's not supported. If you pull it off, more power to you.

The impossible has been done before.

Cortex Command Windows, Mac game

To people with control issues: Go on the forums and put down a topic in support. Use search first, though. Don't make multiple topics on the same thing. Finally, I shall give my own review: A friend first showed me Cortex Command on his laptop in the car when we were on our way to my house. I was sort of confused at what could be so awesome about it, mainly because there didn't seem like much to it.

We got to my house and kept playing around with it. He showed me the great physics in it and the epic result of crashing a drop ship into the tutorial bunker.

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After he left, I went on my own computer and downloaded it. I played around with the weapon awesomeness and enjoyed it more and more. I remembered that he had mentioned something about mods, so I looked it up. Sure enough, there was DRLFF with its incredibly fun mods that made the already awesome game more enjoyable. Eventually, I had gotten just about all the mods that were fun and kept playing around. I saw in someone's signature that Build 21 would be coming out soon, so I hopped on board with that hype. The build came, and along with it was Lua capabilities within scenes.

The number of awesome mods quickly rose. Then, unexpectedly, Build 22 was released. I'm not even sure if anyone at all was expecting it, but heck, there it was. I played it and my joy in the game was renewed. I had incredible fun for about a week without downloading a single mod. Eventually, Christmas came and someone got me a key.

Well, here it is now, still fun, still awesome. Here's why I love it. Thanks to the engine, two things never happen exactly the same. Each time you play, something different is bound to happen.

Story Summary

When you add in all the awesome mods and new weapons that have different strengths, new actors and ships with different capabilities, your mind is just blown. No matter what, I don't think I'll ever stop liking this game. I just have to say that I'm glad that I caught it when I did.

If it was any sooner or later, the thrill would have been lost due to how pathetic it was or the fact that I would have missed out on the anticipation of the new builds. I have no idea how Data did it, but it's pretty obvious that he got the formula right with everything about this game. I hope that he continues it with the new builds.

A little message to all of you who think it's missing something: Post on the forums with a suggestion or just read the yellow words at the beginning: "Remember that this game is far from finished, so set your expectations accordingly. Steep learning curve to deal with the massive bugs, but once you adapt it's amazing. Also, greatest weapon in he game.

The crab bomb. Step one, select a missile I. Step three, launch it where, watch everything die due to crab shrapnel. The tutorial is worthless; everyone dies, the gray robot eats them and tries to dig hole under brain; orange robot gets stuck in doorway of other Hq. After smashing around going up the shaft, the miner goes left to dig for gold and digs through the bottom of the screen never to be seen again.

Ultric: Best post ever. That single post embodies everything I have ever felt about posters for this game, this game, and posters in general.

I am in awe. I made an account just so I could tell you how awesome your post was. You get a Dummy Dropship full of crabs. They're cheaper than cookies Ok i love this game. The Physics are annoying but somehow i love them. They make the game more challenging and i enjoy a good challenge. Any body that dosent like somthing about the physics needs to practice.

But my favorite part of the game is the massive catalog of weapons, actors, mods, ect. I somtimes play so long i make my mom yell at me about how im going to melt my eyeballs This is my fourth favorite game of all time, which says a lot. And I don't even have the full version! I think a lot is wasted by using the ragdoll physic, if you look at the code for "actors" characters you will see there are so many things like climing, crawling, ducking, but with the ragdollness it makes it virtually imposible to really do any of these thing properly.

He may, however, be motivated to finish it up now so he can begin work on something else, as I am sure he has received all kinds of offers and opportunities because of it. What are you supposed to do on level 2??? I get the control ship, kill all the invaders and exit the cave, but nothing happens Im still not done trying out all the new lvls. I get a cookie. It was on a cd that came with the mag.

I was also in Iraq when I saw it. I downloaded the game from the disc, and played the demo. We passed the time well with CC, and we thank DataRealms for doing what they do. Pretty damn good! Already played it more than many triple-A commercial games, but that's becoming the norm nowadays.

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Many years ago I aimed to make a game crossed between Exile and Worms despite being too much for my coding skills at the time and this is that game! Joy : Only improvements I would say at this time is to reduce damage from collisions and from just walking on things.

Ultric: If you love this game, more power to you. As far as I'm concerned, the controls are hideous and the tutorial is damn nigh impossible to get through on first play. If you think that's normal, good for you. As far as I'm concerned this is a game with great potential and a HUGELY unbalanced learning curve that should be addressed by the developers if they want to turn it into something more than a just another indie title that's worshipped by a tiny minority of players and studiously avoided by the rest.

Of course it's a work in progress. Of course it's shaping up to be an amazing game - hence my reasons for buying it - but that does not make my criticism or that of any other frustrated n00bs any less valid. As for this comment: The fact that people are appalled are realism scares me to even contemplate their life in the real world. If I wanted to go and blow things up with real world physics I'd go and join the army. Instead, I choose to support a talented Indie developer by buying their game and trying to get some enjoyment out of playing it - and at the moment, I am not.

ANY real life, able-bodied person would have less trouble climbing up a hill than the 'actors' in this game. I'm not saying that the physics engine isn't impressive or that it needs to be dropped - I'm merely pointing out that the current experience is broken. To close, this comment: This is a game for people who can take something new for a little while and not whine about it not fitting their dreams. Is just mind-bogglingly ignorant.

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This is the mod. Here it is in all its glory. Unzip the file and place "zalo. The alpha version of Cortex Command, this is the latest version, lots of new stuff, including lots of secondary fire modes activated with "Z" EDIT : now The alpha version of Cortex Command, at the date of uploading this is half a year old. So no new stuff here :D. Here it finally is, slowed due to exams, finished just before the next bout of exams hehe lots of new stuff more info below. First release on Mod DB.

Please Ensure that this is It Reaps. I have added the Shredder Grenade and the Handheld Shotgun. Handheld Shotgun: The Name Speaks for itself. Shredder Grenade: 'Opens No files were found matching the criteria specified.

Cortex Command

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Find out more and change your settings in our privacy policy. Cortex Command Data Realms Released Mod Overpowered 1. So no new stuff here :D cc-mw2. CrowGuard V1 May 12 The CrowGuard Full Version 6 comments Here it finally is, slowed due to exams, finished just before the next bout of exams hehe lots of new stuff more info below crowguard v1 full version.

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