Using the OS X md5 instead of md5sum

For md5 checksums, we open a terminal window, cd to the directory where our file is located, then type:. Using sha, it is a bit more involved because sha has several different bit sizes to choose from. On my Debian box, I see that I have several different ones to choose from:. What we see are different binaries for each variation of sha on my system. Sha1 is older and deprecated but might sometimes still be used. For example:. Not surprisingly, OSX is very similar in use from the command line as Linux.

Using OpenSSL to check MD5

The biggest difference I see upfront is the more restricted bit sizes and the difference in the names. Obviously, things will be different here, although Win10 has a new Linux based command line, but I have not tried that yet. What has been around for a while though is PowerShell, and we can use it to do out hashing. There are other downloadable freeware programs out there, but one must become proficient in command lines in this business, even on Windows believe it or not.

Check SHA1 Checksum in Mac OS X

Open up a powershell ps terminal. In the ps window, type the following:.

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Notice also, the various hash types and bit sizes. So here we go:. I understand that but is that really even relevent?

Obviously the command you want exists, its just name differently for the installed version of Perl and OS. Also, I find it hard to believe Python doesn't have a tool for getting a sha1 checksum - why arent you using that so you have fewer external dependencies? Also as far as installing did you try using Macports or Homebrew?

Check SHA1 Checksum in Mac OS X

I'd rather do the hashing directly in Python code instead of calling out to external programs. It's a little more code, but probably more efficient.

It also rids you of external dependencies. See pythoncentral. Print or check SHA checksums. DarthVanger DarthVanger 2 2 silver badges 8 8 bronze badges. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

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