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I am running on Macbook with 2.

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Last weeks I have noticed that the work with it is so slow, for example browsers. Doesn't matter whether I use Google Chrome or Safari, bot in bot cases when I click on the new tab, I see the rolling colourful circle and in seconds is displayed the new tab and I can type an URL address.

Apple OS X Mountain Lion vs. Linux - Phoronix

This makes the work with this machine incredibly slow. I checked if in the background is not running disc indexing, but it doesn't.

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  8. Had anyone the same or similar issue? How could I fix this behavior and speed up my MBP? What software to use for cleaning up the MBP? One thing that can slow down your MBP is you might have too little space left. Try free up some space might help. Here's how to put a spring back in its step Sign up to join this community. Windows 8 has reached its "release to manufacturing" RTM state, and Apple's Mac OS X Mountain Lion has been out for a few months, so now's the time to pit the two new operating systems' performance against each other.

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    Even though each OS is in its final state, there are still a few caveats: the tests were run on an Apple laptop, since it's not feasible to install Mountain Lion on anything but Apple hardware. This means that Apple gets the advantage of tuning the OS precisely to the hardware configuration. Windows, by comparison, must run on a huge array of different hardware combinations from many vendors. The setup process was pretty smooth, though I'd imagine that not all the Windows hardware drivers were perfectly tuned for the MacBook.

    Nevertheless, the system was snappy and responsive running Windows 8. And as you'll see in the results below, the emerging OS can hold its head high on several measures of performance.

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    One of the most important gauges of speed in a computer is how long it takes to start up and be ready. This is probably one of the main reasons the iPad is so successful—it's just there and ready to go, no need to wait for a boot process, usually. Not quite as critical, but nevertheless important is the time it takes the computer to shut down. I tested start by timing from the click of the disk boot choice to a functional home screen, with no wait spinner spinning. For shutdown, I started the timer at the moment of hitting the Shut Down choice, and stopped it when the laptop's fans went silent.

    I went through iterations for each, throwing out the high and low results and averaging the remaining five.

    2. Running Out of Disk Space

    The surprise here is that Windows 8 starts up significantly faster on a MacBook than OS X Mountain Lion does, though the latter shuts down in half the time of Windows 8. But note that hitting the power button puts Windows 8 into sleep mode, which happens pretty much instantly. Added 'geekbench' tool to Geekbench for Linux. Improved support for Windows systems with more than 32 cores. Improved results display on iPhone, iPod touch, and Android.

    12 Reasons Why Your Mac Runs Slow With Mountain Lion

    Improved handset and processor detection on Android. Fixed spurious high-resolution timer errors on older Windows systems. Unarchiver Free App for Software Users.

    Download Geekbench 3. Download for Mac. User reviews about Geekbench Review. Laws concerning the use of this software vary from country to country. We do not encourage or condone the use of this program if it is in violation of these laws.