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  • Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition Review – Windows PC (Also on iPad and Mac) :
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Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition Review – Windows PC (Also on iPad and Mac) :

Category Games. I wouldn't want to subject anyone uninitiated to this strange and obsolete rulseset; it's akin to learning a dead language and not at all what you want to wrestle with while navigating such a dangerous world. But, inaccessible as it can be, and built around this almost arcane system of strange rules and poorly drawn boundaries, Baldur's Gate 2 remains a grand, gorgeous, remarkable and absolutely enormous adventure.

It's finely honed fantasy filigree replete with detail and, for all the complications of learning spell effects and rules believe me, magical mastery is essential at higher levels , its accomplished writing and characterisation remain as sharp as ever. And as dark, too.

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In fact, looking at it now, Baldur's Gate 2 rather feels like a product of the end-of-the-century post-rock scene, so riddled is it with stories of loss, harm, self-doubt and suffering. It's about the pain of growing and change and it is perhaps the most emo thing BioWare has ever made. It's beautiful in its sadness.

Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition Review

In the Enhanced Edition's new high resolution, wide-screen format, Baldur's Gate 2 looks very handsome indeed. Ornate, pre-rendered backgrounds become impressive landscapes and a tidier UI is not unwelcome. Lessons seem to have been learned from the re-release of its predecessor , an occasionally unruly creature, and Baldur's Gate 2 features fewer bugs and fewer crashes. However, it does occasionally reintroduce you to your desktop, and missing journal entries are conspicuous, particularly when they relate to content specifically made for the Enhanced Edition.

One minor but particularly annoying quirk is characters who frequently speak over one another, even over themselves, interrupting their dialogue or sometimes repeating the same phrases over and over. The new companions, most of them taken from the Enhanced Edition of the first Baldur's Gate, are generally welcome and suitable additions.

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They're integrated well, but they aren't as remarkable as the game's more established characters and the quality of their quests, dialogue and voice acting can sometimes vary. While they offer new experiences and new opportunities some of which take place in very pretty locations , they're not going to replace your favourite friends. A new Black Pits horde mode is also included, for those who just want to fight more monsters using more spells that cause more damage. The Baldur's Gate games certainly never lacked a great variety of things to kill.

It's possible to lose a whole weekend and see only a fraction of what it has to offer. It's a game to gorge yourself on. For just about everybody, this new content will be the biggest influence on whether they buy this particular incarnation of Baldur's Gate 2.

As was the case with the first Baldur's Gate, this re-release competes with the now ultra-cheap original game which modders have had over a decade to tweak. Fan-made mods, technical upgrades and a wealth of extra quests can all be found online, offered for free by communities that remain vibrant to this day.

Playing Baldur's Gate 2 once again, it's not difficult to see why this love endures. As a result, the game looks much cleaner than the old game or GOG release would on a modern operating system, let alone being a more stable build.

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However the spritework was not redrawn, and the game still has a fair bit of pixelation in both the models and textures. Also, there are no new animation frames to speak of either. Voice acting is still not fully voiced in game, still only being used in battle cries, major story events, or certain parts of sidequests. There are new recruitable player characters though.

Each are optional party members that have their own quests in both Shadows of Amn, and Throne of Bhaal. But it is also disconnected from the main story and has its own storyline. As far as gameplay is concerned, not much has changed. The game still uses the 2nd Edition Dungeons and Dragon ruleset. This means that spells need to be set ahead of time before use or re-use, and a rest is needed to charge them.