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Maybe a hidden folder I can reset that stores app install dates? I really want to try this app before I buy it! Dmac77 , Jan 10, Dmac77 macrumors Joined: Jan 2, Location: Michigan. I'll try contacting the developer directly for help. Try re-downloading it? I can see how that post could be a problem. Have a great weekend Don!

5 Ways to Extend Trial Periods of Shareware Software

Abstract , Jan 10, Abstract macrumors Penryn. Melrose , Jan 10, Melrose Suspended. Joined: Dec 12, I contacted their customer service and asked them, and they sent me another day serial number with no questions asked. Ask them.

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They'll be more than happy to help I'm sure. Eidorian , Jan 10, Eidorian macrumors Penryn. Joined: Mar 23, Location: Indianapolis.

Melrose , Jan 12, Joined: Aug 16, Location: MA. EmperorDarius , Jan 12, EmperorDarius macrumors a. Joined: Jan 2, Most of the programs use a file to store the trial information. On the other hand, I don't think it'd be very nice of me to post instructions for how to reset this developer's trial. Just watch with Instruments, Tracker or fsevents.

Instruments is my favorite. It stands out like a sore thumb. I tried that fseventer. Maybe somebody who knows what they're doing can try it and post their findings. I don't want to try again because I just clean-installed a virginal Snow Leopard so I don't want to start cluttering everything up with spooge-ware now. I'm not a programmer, so I don't think I have the ability to do any of that myself.

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I wouldn't mind seeing some screen caps showing the offence, though. I don't think it's unethical to just show what the heck the app is doing. I highly doubt that anybody here has the intention to use such information to extend their trial periods indefinitely.

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I certainly won't be installing it again. If they are just using Spotlight then that is pretty scary. This is why I love Ars. Tips like this. I'd never even heard of that app and I'm already in love. I have to confess that one of these days I really need to learn DTrace though. I'll show you how to see just what an app is doing to your files, because this is an important skill IMO.

How to reset trail programs on mac?

Here it is using instruments: Launch instruments and select the File Activity template. Choose the executable you want to monitor and accept the default settings. Click the red "Record" button to launch the application and monitor its activity. Invoke the behavior you wish to monitor. I chose "Preferences" here. One of the files in that list is highly unusual for an application to read, and it's reading it in this case because it's written something there already.

And just to be doubly clear about this particular case What happens if two programs try to write to a pref file at the same time? I'd think that might be a way for pref file corruption and all kinds of problems down the road. Could that be a security problem, if a program can change or add settings for other programs? When you execute a program, there is no further reason to talk about security. How do I exclude certain tournaments from my results?

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Dan87 just go to More Filters My Pokerstars import has just stopped working mid-session. The hh's are being written into files in the correct directory as normal but PT4 is only picking up occasional hands. At the moment I'm playing on 12 tables and it is only picking up the hands from one table. I've checked the text hh files in the folder and they are all present and all have the hh's written properly into them, but the import just isn't recognising them. Originally Posted by PokerRon Last edited by PokerRon; at AM. So it seems my problem is that PT4 is importing, just very very slowly.

If I load up one table, the hands start to import after a few minutes, but it seems that if I then load up more than one, because it can't keep up with the first it doesn't even get round to checking the hh files from other tables for hands. So basically I end up with a very laggy HUD on one table, and nothing on the rest.

What do these bars mean? Is grey the ideal zone? How do I use this. I personally think its rigged.

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Well on pokertracker there is a thing called LeakFinder. All of my bars are in the green but it doesn't explain how to interperet them very clearly. Originally Posted by Shagrat No, he's hosted them on a site that is blocked here - probably one that was used for spamming in the past. Is there a way to set up pt4 so that it automatically only shows stats on players for whatever table size you are playing? Tried searching here and on poker tracker website with no luck. Thanks in advance. Victor Find More Posts by Mr.

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