Part 1: Top 5 Free DVD Player software for MacBook Pro

DVD Player (Mac OS)

VLC support a huge list of file formats, video, audio and playlists. Whether you need to play from a local or removable location, DVD, online stream or other video, it should be the versatile DVD Player for you. Open the "File" menu, and then choose "Open Disc" from the resultant menu item. You can accomplish the same by selecting Use DVD menus. Select the drive that contains the DVD disc, provides related drive letter or name of device in the Device Name input box.

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After that you can Click Ok to start playback. No adware and no virus as well.

The price of the external DVD player for MacBook Pro, the main features, its weight and many other factors are all worthy to consider and compare. The followings are two representative external DVD players, which can serve as the optical drive. And it runs slightly different as well. You need to press the button to insert DVD into.

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Therefore, the Asus external DVD drive is larger and thicker in outlook. One of the best and easy to use Mac Players that has an attractive, slick and easy to navigate interface. Its platforms are Mac OS X That said, it accelerates your hardware capabilities while also it is powerful enough to play high definition videos. It automatically opens a number of DVDs but some will require menu prompts to be accessed.

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One of its setbacks is it will require a high system resource. The Player is a binary distribution of MPlayer and is one of the originals for Mac OS X, hence upon installation it gives you easy manipulative maneuvers like drag and drop even with your program on full screen or on window mode and plays it, all at your own convenience. Its video compatibility is admirable, it is of lightweight and quite very favorable compared to the other Mac Players.

Its platform is Mac OS X The newest version 3. It has a dim light feature which dims the light on the background and areas around your video to give you the perfect video viewing experience.

This app makes it easy for Mac users to easily access their Blu-Ray discs and many other video files. The film and sound output are fine and there is less distortion or disturbances in the streaming. For visual file enthusiasts this would be quite amazing. It also comes with additional features such as high loading speed and you can save your screenshots in default formats like JPEG and BMP.

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Using the Player gives you multiple ways for you to add files from copying and pasting URLs into the app to manually adding your own files. Navigating through the Player is as easy with a few simple clicks and you have what you want. It brings into your PC entertainment plus a fine blend sound with amazing video effects to maximize your viewing experience.

If you are looking for the best Blu-Ray Player then look no further, this Player provides for your needs with fully functional and powerful directional tools just to suit you.

Part 2: 2 Best External DVD Players for MacBook Pro

The DVDFab Player is everything if you need a complete support for majority of formats and the best quality entertainment. Product-related questions? Product About Support.