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Luckily, a good Visio alternative for Mac does exist, even a few! And more impressively they are much cheaper than the original software. While Visio sets the bar up high for any alternative on Windows, its long-time absence from macOS has resulted in some strong competition from smaller independent startups.

Visio for Mac OS

For good reasons. All three apps provide mind-mapping features that aid the confident decision making. At the same time, each one is different enough that they can be used in combination, depending on the goals you have in mind.

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Sometimes you just want to put your thoughts down on digital paper. These are the times when you should fire up MindNode. MindNode is a simple but delightful mind-mapping tool. Working with teams tends to get exponentially complicated. While three can do a stand-up meeting to catch up, seven need some sort of a written process in place, and ten or more would certainly benefit from a dedicated project manager, whose job is in part to design effective workflows for the company.

The app not only allows you to create mind maps of any complexity, it also lets you transform them into Gantt charts to clearly display the resources each task would require and its timeline. Finally, with a quick glance, you can see where your team is overcommitting and where they could pick up the slack.

A wide variety of templates for every business function makes XMind an essential Visio alternative for Mac that gets you up and running in no time. In addition, XMind makes it effortless to present your plan to upper management, as the app features more than 60, icons to help you design outstanding maps and charts, and then turn them into slide-based presentations, perfectly fitting for any audience.

Of those two, yEd is my favorite. Now, I mostly do flowcharts and illustrations of communication inter-app and between server roles topologies and very rarely use org-charts and UML stuff. You can checkout FreelyDraw. It is a wonderful diagramming tool, light weight and easy to use. I think LibreOffice Draw will do industrial processes. I think that FreelyDraw is the best software. All the software is free? I am a tacher and I want to use this software for my students child about 10 year ago. I have tried all of these except Libra and Graphviz but so far, draw.

Thanks for this thorough review! I wonder: how did you determine that each of these were the best free options? I recently drew up a review of top alternatives myself, but I used a series of heuristics to help me determine what was best.

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  4. I also required that the alternative had to sync with at least one project management tool, and had to get generally good reviews. The contents tends to change depending on what parameters you use and how you weight those parameters. No list is any more valid than any other. Thanks for this lowdown. Problem is that many of them offer free versions but you have to pay to unlock all the things that make them compare with Visio.

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    Pisses me off to no end. Microsoft Visio is sickening product I have ever come across. The connectors always go haywire. So many versions released, yet microsoft did not care about it because of its arrogance due to monopoly in the market. Real-time collaboration comes as standard. Pencil is the best completely FREE alternative. Skip to content. Is this article useful?

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    Lucid Sucks. Oh, and John Lewis works for Lucid Chart. Easy to alter the whole diagram's color, effect and font by simply changing the active theme. Support real-time preview. Capable in printing or sharing. Ready for more than diagrams, more powerful than Visio. Advanced service with a much cheaper price. Easy for document storage and sharing through cloud. Edraw Infographic.

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