How to Get GameCube and Wii Games Legally

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Feb 28, In order to emulate a Nintendo Gamecube or Wii game on your computer, you generally first need to: Export a disk image of your original game. Install the latest version of the Dolphin Emulator project. Soon after, I discovered that there's a software emulator that can perfectly emulate both of these Nintendo consoles on most Macs and PCs! This video shows you how to emulate how to play nintendo wii games on mac Apr 22, Wii U Emulator is considered the best and most popular video game console to play Nintendo Wii games on computers and smartphones despite the fact that there're other handheld gaming consoles such as Sony's PlayStation 4 and Microsoft's Xbox One.

It can be much more convenient to play those older games on the ultrasharp, vivid screen of your Mac instead. Use CD to get to whatever directory you copied the chunks to. Download Dolphin emulator.

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Open Dolphin Emulator. Click refresh and your ISO should appear. Now you're almost ready to play the game you ripped. All that's left is to set up the Wii Remote. Click Wiimote on the top bar of the screen. From here, you can set up your Wii Remote.

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  • If you want to control Wii games with your keyboard, choose Emulated Wiimote and click configure to choose which keys correspond to the buttons on the Wii Remote. Then connect your Wii Remote to your computer using Bluetooth.

    Step 1: Get Dolphin

    After it's connected, choose Pair Up. Once it's paired, click Refresh. Launch the game by double clicking on it. Now you can play it! Try it out. If your computer isn't as good, you can try adjusting the settings to disable some of the more CPU or GPU intense features. Milos Tosic. Yes No. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 3. In an earlier comment you said you didn't need a Wii to play Wii games on Dolphin, but you need a keyboard.

    How to Play Wii on My Mac | It Still Works

    You don't need a keyboard to use a Wii; you need one to use a computer. Dolphin is a program on the computer, so you need a keyboard to control the Wii emulation. Not Helpful 2 Helpful 2. Not Helpful 15 Helpful 5. Yes, but it may lag some. If you try to run Wii games your computer might have a hard time, but GC games might work. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 1.

    Wii, PS3, Xbox 360... does the Mac matter for games?

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