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For a natural-looking coverage, as seen on model Nya above , prep the skin with essential oils and the cult M.

Asian Skin? Dark Skin? Fair Skin? Here’s How To Find Your Perfect Foundation Match

C Cosmetics Strobe Cream , lightly massaging it into the skin before using the M. To achieve a full coverage finish, make like model Alice below and try a densely packed bristle brush like the M. September 20 September 28 Click here to cancel reply. N: A neutral balance of all undertones. This is very important because the two can actually have different skin tones!

If your neck is much darker than your face, the artist will find a shade that lies between the two so that it blends more seamlessly.


To be absolutely sure that it was right for me and so I could see how it would look when worn, he applied NC37 all over my face with a stippling brush. Should my concealer be the same as my foundation shade? Ryan says that because concealers are used to cancel discolorations like dark circles and pimple marks, you have to use a concealer shade that will make the area blend better with the rest of your skin.

He neutralized the bluish tones of my under eye area with an NW30 cream concealer that was lighter and pinker than my skin to give it a brightening effect. For my acne, he applied a slightly lighter NC35 concealer because the marks looked dark. It was really fun finding out my MAC foundation shade, and the experience is just worlds away from going to a department store stall and having to figure out what shade would suit me amid poorly-managed testers and unflattering store lights.

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The MAC store had well-lit mirrors, clean brushes, and a knowledgeable professional to help me out! You can also find out what your MAC shade is simply by going to any of their stores and requesting for a free consultation.

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If you want to get actual makeup lessons though, they offer paid classes wherein the fee is consumable with MAC products. Sounds like a great deal!

The top five questions about MAC foundations – answered! — Project Vanity

Have you found your MAC foundation shade? Which formulation is your favorite? You might have heard that some ladies use an NC foundation but have been given an NW concealer, this is because the pink undertone of an NW concealer helps to cancel out dark green under eye circles.

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For blue tinged under eye circles, you could cancel them out with an NC concealer. My client Nina has warm undertones reds in MAC terms with cool under eye circles yellow.

MAC Foundation - NC, NW, C, N

Sharon, from Sharonthemakeupartist. So an NC27 is not as yellow as an NC25 but it is a little bit darker.

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  • The shade I wear myself is NC15 — this is much more flattering to my skin tone and helps to cancel out any unwanted redness over my cheek area.