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Read More. You can! And while you used to have to download drivers and mapping software, the process is much simpler now. Okay, there are a few more steps if you want to use Bluetooth.

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Now your controller is synced up via Bluetooth and you can do away with the USB cord. Though it is nice to have your controller charging every time you plug it into your computer.

Sony DualShock 4 for PlayStation 4

So what can you do with the PS4 controller on your Mac? OpenEmu is a long-awaited Mac exclusive that combines emulation for a dozen systems into a single, slick program.

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  • It makes browsing your ROMs a Read More , supports the DualShock 4 natively, so all you have to do is plug it in and start playing. Here are some of the biggest differences between gaming on PC and console. And at the end of , Steam added support for the PS4 controller.

    Learn how to connect PS4 or Xbox One controller to Mac

    Steam Controller Review Every decade there's a revolution in game controller design. In Nintendo released the first directional pad. In we received the ergonomic DualShock. Making the jump from console gaming to playing on a Mac can be a difficult transition, especially if you buy into the idea that the average Mac gamer is more skilled than their console equivalent.

    Or will you? The great thing about having a choice in which controller to use is that, even though both of them are around the same price point, they have a few distinct differences, meaning every Mac user can pick the one more suitable for them.

    Connecting a DualShock 4 to Your Mac

    An Xbox One controller is, for example, a little heavier and boasts haptic feedback triggers, whereas the lighter Sony DualShock 4 has an additional touchpad button, integrated lithium ion battery, and motion sensitivity. In addition to the advantages mentioned above, many Mac gamers prefer the DualShock 4 to an Xbox One controller because there are a few different ways of connecting PS4 controller to Mac.

    The first, and perhaps most obvious, is to use an official wireless adapter. The official wireless connector is a decent solution for Remote Play or playing Mac games that support the use of external controllers. The extra benefit of using micro USB is that the cable also charges your controller while you play. To do that:. An even quicker and easier PS4 Bluetooth pairing option is to use ToothFairy , a utility that lets you add and manage all your Bluetooth devices:.

    In Settings, you can also choose to add an icon to your menu bar that will connect to your chosen device in this case, your PS4 Bluetooth controller with a single click. User Info: EverLastingFate. It does not. It actually does. Weird it does not work on my Pro.

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    • My controllers charge in my MacBook Pro. I remote play a lot and they never die. User Info: binaryvegeta.

      Connecting your Playstation controller

      EverLastingFate posted I just tried it and it was not charging. Not that big of deal I just charge before I play and I have never had a problem. Kept you waiting, huh?