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To end screen sharing, go back to the Skype window and click the same button you used to turn it on.

Can't Share Sound On Mac?

But there are a couple of alternatives. Firstly, while on the call, you can press the snapshot icon in the bottom-left. This will immediately take a picture of the call and share it into the chat for everyone to see. To share any other screen on your phone, you will need to take a screenshot and share it into the chat.

On iOS, hold power and volume up or power and home depending on your model together for a few seconds. In Skype, tap the screen to bring up the overlay and then tap the message icon in the top-right. Next, in the bottom-right, tap the camera icon. Then enter your phone gallery by tapping the image in the bottom-left.

You may need to change the folder by tapping the text at the top. Select what you want to share, then tap the send message icon in the bottom-right. Open up a chat with one of your contacts. Click the monitor icon from the bottom of the chat window. To share a specific window, click Present Programs.

This will bring up a window where you can select which programs to share. Once done, click Present. To share your entire screen, click Present Desktop. This opens a window where you can select your monitor. If you only have one monitor, it will be preselected. When ready, click Present.

How to Play Sounds Over Skype Without Having to Put the Mic Up to the Speaker | It Still Works

You can click Give Control from the top pane to pass control of your cursor to someone on the call. You can use a combination of audio, visuals, and chat to engage your audience. We show you Read More to get even more out of your call. Skype is great when you need to quickly and easily share your screen. Any help is truly appreciated!

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Mallory-Erik Mallory-Erik 1 1 silver badge 3 3 bronze badges. For outputs just use 'built-in output' as normal. Thanks, yeah I'm thinking and reading that Soundflower doesn't work in El Capitan. Jack also might not work I'm trying something called iShowU Audio, but that might not do it either. Starting to regret having upgraded to El Capitan But your comment is helpful. I haven't tried it personally.

I have just done this - for skype recording and it works: My settings are almost identical to yours except: - in skype I have the microphone as my mic - not as the aggregate device.

How to Save Your Call Recording

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