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The Sims™ 3 on Steam

It's an invalid message, meaning some kind of software glitch in the installer. I'm trying to figure out how to install the game without using the installer, since the installer seems to be the problem, not the game itself. Jan 28, PM. Jan 28, PM in response to irishelf67 In response to irishelf If EA is, as you say, "clueless when it comes to Mac issues," they may have used an old PowerPC-based installer program by mistake.

Probably nobody outside of EA knows enough about how the game and the expansion are structured to know how to install the expansion without the installer program.


Jan 28, PM in response to markwmsn In response to markwmsn. I would ask there, and see if anyone has succeeded in getting the expansion pack combined with the main application in one CD or download from EA. Jan 29, AM in response to irishelf67 In response to irishelf So it was not created for Power PCs The Expansion Packs were first released in November, and further ones were continued to be released through October, In this forum thread, Understanding how the Sims 3 runs on a Mac, it is explained that the Mac version of the Sims 3 is just the Windows version running in Cider:.

Sims 2, released in , would have for sure been written in PowerPC code. And an expansion pack for Sims 3 released later, may still contain PowerPC code in it or its installer application. Lion and Mavericks do not contain Rosetta. Either run the Windows version with Windows installed in virtualization on your Mac or install Snow Leopard Server into virtualization so as to regain access to Rosetta and see if Cider will operate in that environment.

Jan 29, AM.

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Since this is the only expansion pack I have this issue with, I think it unlikely it has a power pc installer especially because I've seen threads where people with power pc Macs couldn't install sims 3 at all. It's definately some kind of glitch, which may have to do with one of EA's patches for the game or because they weren't installed in order. Since I do not want to run Windows on my Mac and I can't afford to purchase Snow Leopard to run in virtualization, I might just have to do the dreaded uninstall reinstall.

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Some people report excellent results from installing SLS into a free virtualization program that I personally do not use; VirtualBox. Answered Why can't I download from the Sims 3 store? Answered Do I need to delete my sims 2 and expansion paks before loading sims 3? Ask A New Question. Keep me logged in on this device.

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Why can't I download from the Sims 3 store? Do what it says : choose your language and settings. Windows will ask you to enter your key. So skip the step. You can enter the key later.

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Sign your deal with the devil , uh, terms of service. Now this is the part where you need to remember how large your Bootcamp partition is. Windows will ask you where you want to install it. Windows will refuse to install on this partition. So, format the Bootcamp partition.

The Sims™ 3 Starter Pack

Installing Windows takes just a few minutes. You can check your progress with the green bar on the bottom of the screen. Windows will suggest you to use express privacy settings. I advise to turn off everything except what is truly useful to improve your security and protect you from viruses. Windows now runs on your Mac, my condolences , uh, congratulations! Bootcamp will automatically start.

Click on the Windows logo on the bottom left corner and click the wheel to access settings. You can enter a new key or change your existing key there. One tip for Apple keyboard users : to take a screenshot, press fn-shift-F To take a screenshot of the active window only, press fn-shift-alt-F The screenshot will be automatically copied to the clipboard instead of saved.

You can use your left and right arrow keys to choose your partition for the current session. By default, after Bootcamp has been installed, your computer will directly boot into Windows.