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Dropbox Business or team users: If you have two accounts linked to the same desktop, the name of your Dropbox folder will be appended with your team name in parentheses or " Personal ," depending on the type of account. For example, if you were clearing your cache on a Dropbox Business account called "Company" you'd see:.

Clear your cache on Linux

Let us know how we can improve:. Thanks for your feedback! Let us know how this article helped:. Accessibility is an Apple setting that allows Mac notifications to interact with other apps.

How to Hide or Remove Icons from Your Mac Desktop: 4 Methods Explained

Find out about Dropbox and. Installation, functionality, and information on the Dropbox desktop application for Windows 10 in S mode, also known as. Most workplaces provide internet through corporate proxy networks. Find out how Dropbox works with proxies and how to ch.


How to clear the cache folder. How do I clear the Dropbox cache folder?

Linux Clear your cache on Linux Open a new Terminal window. Once there, enter the following command to remove the files in the Dropbox cache directory:. A dialog box should appear. Double-click the Automator application icon to open Automator. Select "Application" from the startup menu.

How to Hide or Remove Icons from Your Mac Desktop: 4 Methods Explained

Click the "Files and Folders" link under your library, located in the far left column of the Automator application window. The library allows you to access Automator actions for various applications and files on your computer.

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Locate the "Ask for Finder Items" action in the near left column of the Automator application window. Drag and drop the action into the workflow window. To drag and drop, click the action and move it over to the next window. Drag the action and drop it directly under the "Ask for Finder Items" action. Click the "Run" button at the upper right corner of the Automator application window to test your workflow.

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Select a file you want to delete when prompted. You should see two green check marks and hear a noise if your workflow runs successfully. Select "File" from the top menu bar, then select "Save as. Under "File Format," click the tab and select "Application.

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  4. Saving your Automator action as a workflow allows you to edit it, but you won't be able to run it. You must save Automator actions and workflows in application format to run actions. Locate your Automator action application on your Desktop or folder.

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